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Osakis Police Department Blotter


March 29

Education presentation, DARE, 1st Ave E.

Fire, single dwelling, W Oak.

Suspicious activity, possible sexual assault reported.

Driving complaint, little black car driving at extreme rate of speed passing Nelson going toward Osakis, CR 82/S. Nelson St.

March 30

Welfare check, comp wanted check on daughter at father's house, comp states father is not supposed to take her out of state and may be in Fargo, person one located and everything is OK, Central Ave.

Vehicle unlock, CR 82.

Animal complaint, medium-size male black lab running loose for two days, dog taken to LAHS, E. Pike.

March 31

Alarm, cash vault door, false alarm, Central Ave.

Foot patrol in school, met with superintendent, 1st Ave E.

Medical, 75-year-old passed out but is breathing, no transport, W Pike.

Juvenile trouble, two kids lighting leaves on fire with found lighter, one was turned over to family and two others left with older sister, W. 3rd Ave.

Animal complaint, comp states that person one lets her dogs run loose by DATA trail every morning and night, warning issued by door hanger stating leash ordinance, Central Ave.

Report of strange strong odor in area, fertilizer odor, E. Nester.

April 1

Citation issued, failure to obey stop sign, no license plates attached, plates in system, Hwy 27 S.

Neighbor dispute, verbal argument over dogs, person one walking dogs on DATA trail when comp started yelling at her, E. Lake.

Warning for speed, N. 6th Ave/ W. Nokomis.

Burning complaint, burning leaves and sticks in fire pit, warned that burning ban starts Monday, E. Lake.

Complaint of several ATVs driving in road ditch violating nesting bird regs, W. 8th Ave.

Warning for speed, W. 2nd Ave./W. Nokomis.

April 2

Patrol activity, bar check, E. Nokomis.

Assist other agency, verbal domestic, male left and female began throwing large items of personal property out of garage, advised to quit and go to bed, W. Reed Ave, Nelson.

Suspicious people in parking lot of VFW, manager said they needed to leave, they were looking in the rocks and stumbling around, E. 8th Ave.

Public assist, trailer left on side of road with flat tire, will be back next day to get it fixed, E. 1st Ave.

Citation for speed, N. 6th Ave./W. Main.

Warning for headlight and taillight out, Hwy 27/Creamery.

April 3

Citation issued for driver going wrong way on one-way, driver nearly collided with another vehicle not stopping at intersection, claimed to not know the area, Central Ave./E. Nokomis.

Medical, Bridgewell patient fell, assisted loading patient, transported, W. Main.

Warning issued for brake lights out, tabs and seat belt, 51/27 in Todd County.

Warning issued for window tint, W. 1st Ave./W. Nokomis.

Medical, male seizure, assisted with loading, transported, W. Nokomis.

Animal complaint, neighbor's dog running loose again, person one warned for having dogs off leash, E. Lake.

Warning issued for speed, E. 2nd Ave./E. Nokomis.

April 4

Warning issued for parking overnight on E. Main, violates city ordinance, W. Main.

Intoxicated couple complaining that people are threatening him and looking through their window, comp saw two people running after knocking on door, W. Main.

Property damage hit and run reported, unknown place, date and time, took photos and completed report.

Public assist, locked out of house, door was unlocked but flooring was lodging door closed, door opened, E. Nokomis.

Traffic stop with DAR arrest, E. Lake.

Foot patrol at softball game.

Property damage accident, came across minor crash, N. 6th Ave./W. Nokomis.

Found property, debit card found on Oak St. and turned in to OPD, returned card, E. Nokomis.

*This is not a comprehensive report of all local law enforcement activity, rather, a brief recap of daily calls for service.