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School food program turns a profit

For the second year in a row, the Osakis Public School Food Service program showed a profit, according to the 2016-17 annual School Lunch Report presented to the School Board at its Monday, July 10 regular meeting.

Total revenue for the lunch, breakfast and a la carte program was $384,628. Disbursements for the year totaled $374,715. Total profit for the program was $9,913, which compares to the 2015-16 profit of $4,858.

Cost of the meals was increased by 15 cents on each level for the year, in an attempt to conform to federal price standards. When he was superintendent, Joe Broderick predicted a year ago that the 15-cent increase would generate $9,500 for the program.

Figures show there were fewer meals served this past year, at 107,107, which compares to 109,498 served in the 2015-16 year. Average daily attendance this past year was 785, down one student from the preceding year, and average daily participation in school lunch for the 2016-17 year was 626, down 11 from the previous year.

Costs for the lunch program remained at $1.60 per meal for elementary and secondary students, $2.40 for adult meals, and 25 cents for milk.

The program has $12,250 in unpaid accounts, which was not figured into the profit and loss figures.

Family accounts balance was $8,983, which is not figured into the profit or loss figures.

Lunch program

Revenues in the lunch program included $169,606 from state and federal funds; lunch sales of $147,4231.87; adult and Head Start sales $8,273; Minnesota milk program $1,095.40; lunch milk sales $570, for the total lunch revenue of $326,966.

Student lunches served totaled 63,734, down 815 from the previous year. Free meal numbers were also down, from 24,095 this past year, compared to 26,842 the previous year. Meals in the needy classification were 16,145, which is up from 15,254 the previous year. Adult and Head Start meals totaled 3,133, compared to 2,853 the previous year.

Total pints of milk used this past year was 143,922, down from 153,366 the previous year. Other milk was 24,888, for a grand total milk of 168,810.

Total disbursements for lunch was $320,096.

Breakfast program

This past year, 4,567 student breakfasts were served, up slightly from 4,544 the previous year. Free breakfasts were 5,767 for this year, up from 4,544 he previous year. In the needy breakfast category, 1,718 were served, compared to 2,666 the previous year. Kindergarten paid breakfasts totaled 479, compared to 414 in 2015-16.

Total disbursements for the breakfast and a la carte programs were $54,619.

A la carte/milk program

The a la carte/milk programs saw a jump in revenue for the past year to $38,729, compared to $35,388 the previous year. Cost for the a la carte program totaled $33,424, down from $36,704 the previous year.

Disbursements for the lunch program include salaries of $128,787; general supplies $12,961, food expenses $112,147, milk $24,463; and equipment $6,860.