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New public works head named

Greg Gottwald was hired to fill the Public Works superintendent position left vacant by the resignation of Kurt Haakinson last month.

The Osakis City Council met in special session Aug. 15 to conduct job interviews. Gottwald was offered the position at step two of the supervisor wage. Gottwald joined the Osakis Public Works Department in August 2014, and first served six months as a seasonal employee, then went regular fulltime.

Forty three applications were received for the advertised position of Maintenance Worker, which closed Sept. 4. City Administrator Angela Jacobson, along with Councilmen Randy Anderson and Greg Gottwald will meet to narrow the applications down to six or seven before the council conducts interviews.

City crew report

Gottwald made the monthly report to the council for the Water, Wastewater and Street departments for August.

Work included a new ammonia analyzer installed and on line at the water treatment plant.

Discharge was beginning on the treated ponds starting in September. Gottwald said 13 million gallons were pumped because of all the rain.

The 2017 overlay project is beginning in the Street Department, catch basin repair was completed before the milling was done, and boat landing repair was in progress. The docks at the City Beach were to be removed, and the department is doing scheduled maintenance for state inspections to prepare for the first snowfall.

Liquor store

Manager Julie Didier reported the August offsale profit of $22,300.26 and on-sale profit of $2,170.84 for the month. This amount includes an offset for inventory purchased during the month.This compares with August 2016 of $5,261.17 in offsale, and $353.59 in onsale.

Didier is working on the 2018 budget and requested approval of the council to include funds to hire a band for 2018 June Festival weekend. Bands are being booked now for 2018. The council approved.

Didier is still waiting for a response from the Minnesota Municipal Beverage Association with recommendations for the Liquor Store operation, after which a meeting will be set up to discuss recommendations.

Police report

Chief Chad Gulbranson reported 239 calls in August, with 10 citations issued, 13 arrests made, and 66 warnings issued. Total calls to date for 2017 number 1,885.

The first readings of two ordinance changes were conducted upon the request of Gulbranson. Change No. 113 adds additional language to the no winter parking rule, to state, "No parking on public streets Nov. 1 to April 1 between the hours of 12 a.m. and 6 a.m. unless so otherwise marked."

Change No. 114 is to change the ordinance to enforce snow removal on all sidewalks. This adds Main Street and Lake Street to the list.

In the meantime, Jacobson will research what neighboring cities are doing to enforce snow removal on sidewalks.

The second reading will be held in October, and becomes law upon publication in the official newspaper.

First responders

Jason Schultz reported the department had 22 calls for August, and a total of 132 for the year, 76 of which were in the city limits.

Discussion was held at the department's budget planning meeting regarding the pay for calls answered, and a suggested stipend payment for the first responders.

Fire department

Chief Chad Mathews reported one call in August.

Mathews told the council the grant for garage door openers and remotes for the Fire Hall was not approved. He requested that funds for four LiftMaster Light Curtain openers, along with nine remote controls for the openers, be ordered at a cost of $5,200 to the department. The council approved the request.