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Remember When, 1917: Tornado crosses county

10 years ago

July 31, 2007

State has concerns over Hwy. 27 project

A proposal to move Highway 27 has hit a snag and unless changes are made Todd County could face substantial problems.

A Lollapalooza at the VFW

The Osakis VFW Post 7902 is entering its 10th month of participating in Mega Bingo online and they've already had seven winners take home a total of $10,520.00.  "It's like a Mega Bingo frenzy has hit the Osakis VFW!" said Bingo Manager Betty Anderson.

Fun under the Big Top

Friday evening the Liebling Brothers Circus offered elephant and camel rides, dancing dogs, acrobats, a giant snake and a comical clown. The event was coordinated by the Osakis Women's Association as part of Osakis Sesquicentennial.

25 years ago

July 28, 1992

Demo accident to be assessed

The south wall of the 1915 building fell the wrong direction and did damage to the new school building and the 1940 building in a demo accident. No estimate can be made on the amount of damage caused until the architect and insurance adjusters inspect the Osakis Public School building on Wednesday.

Last train leaves Osakis

Another link with history took a sad turn Tuesday when the last real train left Osakis at approximately 9:15 a.m. The line served mostly agribusiness hauling grain, fertilizer and chemicals, along with lumber and other supplies.

National DFL Convention trip 'fantastic'

"An opportunity of a lifetime", and "a fantastic experience" is how Shirley Schultz of Osakis describes her trip to New York City as a delegate to the National DFL Convention July 13-16. One such highlight was meeting Senator Paul Wellstone at the Minnesota reception held at an art gallery in Greenwich Village.

50 years ago

August 3, 1967

Olson and Jones buy up stock in First National Bank

K.C. Jones, president, announced this week that he and Newman E. Olson Jr., have purchased the interest of Charlotte E. Harvey and Ethel M. Olson in the First National Bank of Osakis. Mr. Jones also announced that he and Mr. Newman E. Olson Jr., purchased the Evenson Insurance Company. The agency will continue to have its office in the First National Bank building and will be doing business as The First National Agency.

New students need measles immunization

The new law passed by the 1967 Legislature requires each child entering school for the first time to present a statement from the physician or parents in regards to the child's immunity.

Achievement Day Again called a big success

Norman Bohmbach, chairman of the Chamber of Commerce, announced that the 14th annual Osakis Achievement Day, sponsored by the Chamber, and held Thursday, July 28, was once again a big success.

100 years ago

August 2, 1917

Worst storm in years strikes a wide territory

So far as known, no lives were lost in the tornado that crossed the length of Douglas County and into southern Todd County on its mission of destruction on Sunday night. Silos and barns were blown down. Store fronts were damaged, shade trees uprooted, and a party in launch had a narrow escape.

State Board of Health Infantile Paralysis Clinic open

Four clinics for examination of infantile paralysis cases will be conducted by the State Board of Health Throughout all of Minnesota.

Uncle Sam's soldiers to be given every safeguard

Men drawn in the draft for Uncle Sam's first Army are receiving notices to appear before the local boards. Those from Douglas County are summoned to appear before the board at Alexandria and those from Todd County must go to Long Prairie. Each man is sent a notice giving the day and the hour at which he is to appear for physical examination.