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Osakis Voices: A dream comes true at Galeon

Angie Reinke, Galeon Administrator

There I was, one year ago, a nervous wreck wondering, "What am I doing?" as I sat in a college classroom surrounded by students half my age.

I would have never guessed what that year had in store for me: lectures, homework, finals, papers, board of exams. My children asked many times, "Are you going to be a mom again soon? Dad is new at this stuff." My husband, who had always worked on the road was now the full deal: Mom, Dad, Cook, Housekeeper, Homework Assistant, Sports Enthusiast, a Little of Everything, while I spent my evenings with my nose in a book studying for this, researching for that.

What an adjustment for the whole family and even though the decision to change our lives was difficult, I was given an opportunity that I could not pass up. For the past eight years, I worked at Galeon as the social worker for the campus. I had always said I would go back to school and finish my degree in Nursing Home Administration but life always seemed to happen and that dream always got pushed to the end of the list. Last summer, when Dave Carlson announced his retirement, I knew this would be the only chance that I would have if I ever wanted to get my degree in Nursing Home Administration. Dave graciously allowed me to work, go to school at the same time and put up with me for four months as an intern with him. What a great honor to be able to learn from someone who had such a vision for the older person.

Dave created a legacy here in Osakis that left some big shoes to fill. Now, here we are a year later, and all that hustle and bustle has wound down. My family and I relocated to Osakis in June. Carter, 12, and Grace, 10, who both have always attended Osakis Public School as open enrolled students, will continue their education at the Osakis Public School. Both are so glad to be closer to the school and their friends. Dave is now in his retirement and I started as the administrator on July 1. I cannot thank everyone enough especially my family, the Galeon Board of Directors and all the staff for all the kind words of encouragement, support and assistance through this journey this past year and now as I settle into my new position. Please feel free to stop by anytime and say hello. My office is located in the nursing home near the nurses' station.