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Remember When, 1968: 16-pound northern speared

10 Years Ago

January 8, 2008

Plowing is priority one. Keeping the city streets clean is top priority. Osakis has a clean road policy, which means if there is snow, the streets get plowed. Even if it is not snowing, the crew keeps a close eye on city streets, such as Lake Street, which is prone to drifting.

They still have speed. Osakis snowmobilers took to Lake Agnes on Dec. 29 during the Vintage One Lunger Series (VOLS) snowmobile races. John Waldorf of Osakis battled for the lead against Andy England of Isanti during the 1973 and older 375CC HD class heat race. Waldorf maintained his a lead with a first place finish.

Wrestlers rock the Panthers. The Silverstreak wrestlers scrapped their way to three one-point victories and one two-point decision, which they added to three pins and four forfeit wins, as they rolled over Parkers Prairie 56-10 on alumni night Friday.

25 Years Ago

January 12, 1993

City looks for grant writer. Monday night Jan. 4, the Osakis City Council voted to talk to Mike Corkill-Bomgaars about obtaining a $75,000 grant for several projects in the upcoming year. One such project would be to build a new water tower.

School receives $25,000 trust. The Osakis Public School Board accepted a $25,000 Leadership Fund and approved plans on Jan. 7 to pursue development of the elementary school playground.

Two fires blaze in rural Osakis. Two fires were reported in rural Osakis the week of January 3-9, said newly elected Osakis Fire Chief, Howard Swenstad. The first incident, a chimney fire, was reported at the Tony Ketelle residence on Monday, Jan. 4 at 6 p.m. No damage was done. Thursday, Jan. 7, at 4:45 a.m. another fire call came in. A car in the garage of Janet Hauk's was burning. After an hour, the fire was put out and little damage was done to the garage. But the car was completely destroyed. The cause of the fire is unknown at this time. There were no injuries reported in either fire.

50 Years Ago

January 11, 1968

Roger Wagner injured in Vietnam action. Roger Wagner, son of Mrs. Myrtle Wagner of Osakis, was wounded in action by enemy gunfire in Bien Hoa, Viet Nam on Dec. 30. He is now confined to a base hospital there.

Home destroyed by fire. Fire completely destroyed the Wayne Holmgren mobile home. The fire department was called out at 12:15 a.m. by Mrs. Belcourt, who lives in the mobile home next to the Holmgrens. No injuries were reported.

Jens Jenson spears 16-pound northern. Jens Jenson of Osakis speared a 16-pound northern in the bay area of Lake Osakis. Jens also caught a 12-pound northern earlier in the season. Winter fishing in Lake Osakis is reported to be quite good so far this season with fishing houses popping up all over the lake.

100 Years Ago

January 10, 1918

Osakis people great pie eaters. From January 1, 1917 to January 1, 1918, the Cagely restaurant of this city made and sold a total 8,911 pies of all kinds. Most of the pies were served at the restaurant tables and are touted as "the kind Mother used to make."

Hutton attends largest meeting ever of Northwest Millers. Secretary and Manager of Osakis Milling Co., C.E. Hutton returned this week from Minneapolis where he attended the largest meeting the Northwest Millers ever gathered together. The mill men were called together to discuss matters confronting one of the greatest industries of the country and one which has a great part in winning the war.

Local boys receive Christmas boxes. Leonard Lampert has received letters from all local boys who are stationed at various training camps, that all have received their Christmas boxes in due time and cannot thank their friends and families here enough for sending them.