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LETTER: A simple step to protect lakes

To the editor:

Sen. Bill Ingebrigtsen is putting our lakes and streams at risk by authoring a bill in support of very large feedlots and factory farms. Sen. Ingebrigtsen's bill, S.F. 1016, would let giant feedlots with 1,000 or more animal units off the hook.

The senator would no longer require those big feedlots to file a fairly simple environmental review called an Environmental Assessment Worksheet or EAW. An EAW is a quick and inexpensive way to determine if a feedlot may pose a threat to lakes or streams. Sen. Ingebrigtsen wants only super-giant feedlots with 2,000 or more animal units to file an EAW.

Aren't our lakes and streams worth the minimal effort required to file an EAW?

Tim King

Long Prairie, MN