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Letter: AAUSBC is not an outsider

To the editor:

The headline (in the Nov. 15 Osakis Review), "Outside gambling provider moves in," might lead one to believe we have been invaded by Martians or some such thing.

The Alexandria Area (hint, hint; key word here is AREA!) Bowlers Association (AAUSBC) is comprised of bowlers from Osakis, Alexandria and Morris. So it shouldn't come as a surprise that Ron (Long, owner of Lakeview Lanes) chose the AAUSBC to provide the charitable gambling in his establishment.

This is hardly a "non-local" outsider coming into town! The Osakis league bowlers are a part of this organization.

Paul D. Christensen

Osakis, MN

The writer has been an elected board member of AAUSBC for many terms over the past 30 years and is a current member. He also served one term as president of the association, back when it was the American Bowling Congress. Later there was a merger with the women's organization and now the national organization is called the United States Bowling Congress.