"After hearing from many consumers who have told us they want fresher tasting milk made from cows not treated with growth hormones, I am very excited to announce we have introduced Deja Moo milk in Alexandria and Sauk Centre," said Deja Moo Dairy Brands President Jim Odney.

Odney said the company intends to demonstrate its ability to market milk successfully and add ice cream later. It also hopes to gain regional and national distribution. The Alexandria-Sauk Centre market will serve as a measurement of future success.

New marketing will emphasize freshness and health differences.

The Deja Moo milk plant uses technology for separating cream that leaves milk tasting fresher, according to the company. During this process (called cold-milk separation), a separator's centrifuge rapidly spins the milk to separate the heavier cream from the raw product.

Deja Moo milk is available exclusively at the two Walmart Supercenters in Alexandria and Sauk Centre.