The following information was provided by Todd County Planning and Zoning.

The Todd County Planning and Zoning ordinances are the "rules" by which development and land uses are designated. The purpose of the ordinance is for the promotion of public health, safety, and welfare.

All land within the county, outside municipalities, has a zoning designation. Agriculture and forestry zones were put into place to provide for ag, forestry, and recreation to be the primary land uses. Other zones were put into place such as shoreland and rural residential are primarily for residential occupation and restrictions on some activities are in place to reduce conflicts and protect public health and welfare. Raising livestock is an example of a land use restricted in these zones.

Feedlots are defined as a lot, building, or enclosure used to confine animals in which an accumulation of manure can occur and where vegetative cover cannot be maintained. Grazing and pasturing of livestock can occur in any zone and is a valuable vegetation management tool and a resource for producers. However, confinement or year round containment of animals inevitably leads to feedlot conditions, which is not allowed.

Be sure to investigate the allowed land uses before purchasing land or bringing livestock onto a property. Staff at Planning and Zoning and the Soil and Water Conservation District can assist with determining the zoning and options for landowners. Call 320-732-4420 or 320-732-2644.