Todd County livestock registrations are due for the 2019 cycle.

The Todd County Soil and Water Conservation District offers the following information:

What's new?

The Todd County Feedlot Program is registering farms, ranches and feedlots by geographical

region to more evenly distribute registration work load.


The northeast region of the county updated registrations in 2018; the southeast in 2019; the

southwest in 2020; and the northwest in 2021.

The cycle will repeat in the same pattern for 2022 to 2025 and on.


Registration updates are due within 30 days upon receipt of a letter from Todd County Soil and Water.


All landowners who receive a registration in the mail will be asked to respond.

Landowners, no longer having livestock on premise, with outbuildings and/or fences

who wish to remain registered for resale or zoning purposes are required to respond to

maintain registration.

Any new or unregistered livestock owner (within the last four years) in Todd County is

required to register if you raise 10 or more animal units.

Any landowner who has a liquid manure pit (in use, not in use, full, or empty) on his/her

property is required by state law to remain registered.


Registrations for livestock confined to lots and/ or barns at any time or season are

required by Todd County Ordinance and the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency for

water quality inventory purposes.

Maintaining continual registration for livestock sites in Todd County provides

landowners certain zoning change protections and rights pertaining to the raising of


Livestock registration aids Emergency Response Teams in the event of a disease

outbreak such as the recent 2015 Avian Flu by locating and identifying potentially

impacted farm sites, number of head and species impacted, and in providing safe zones

for farms and residences in the event of such catastrophe.

Registration also helps the county obtain resources in the form of funding, economic

opportunity, and other benefits to areas of the state and county defined as "Rural


If you have further questions about livestock registrations in Todd County, contact

livestock advisor staff at 320-732-2644.