A public hearing will take Tuesday, Feb. 25 to consider a conditional use application that would expand a dairy and beef farm on Bird Lake Road NE in Osakis Township by adding up to 2,400 swine.

The Douglas County Planning and Advisory Commission considered the application from Steven Trisco, owner, and Orry Trisco, applicant, back in December and voted to table it, advising the Triscos to make changes.

The farmers scaled back their plans, reducing the proposed amount of swine in half, from 4,800 to 2,400, and no longer including cows. They are also proposing to build one animal confinement barn instead of two.

The existing farm includes 64.5 animal units – 55 dairy heifers and 26 beef cows – and a partial confinement barn with access to a series of open lots.

The expansion would allow up to 784.5 animal units – 2,400 swine weighing between 55 and 300 pounds. The initial application called for up to 904.5 animal units.

The confinement barn would have two slatted floor liquid manure storage areas located beneath the barn.

The farm is located in a rural residential area, Section 11 of Osakis Township. The planning commission sent notices to township officials and property owners in the area.

The meeting will start at 6 p.m. in the Douglas County commissioners’ room on the second floor of the Douglas County Courthouse, 305 8th Ave. W, Alexandria.

Interested residents may attend either in person or through an agent or attorney to express their opposition or support of the proposal.

The planning commission will make a recommendation to the county commissioners, which has the final say in the matter.