October 1-7

Sunday morning a non-denominational worship service was held in the Terrace Heights

Chapel led by Steve Fredrickson. Thank you to all the volunteers who helped and to

those who conducted a Catholic Communion service.

Bingo was played at Terrace Heights on Monday afternoon. Steve Samek entertained at

CMH after bingo.

Bob Schluender conducted a Catholic communion service on Tuesday morning in the

Terrace Heights chapel. The Rosary was also prayed. Assisting were Marilynn

Grundman, Eunice LiBaire, Phyllis Tegals and Mary Daas.

Pastor Knuth of the First Presbyterian Church of Osakis conducted a communion service.

Ilene Olson assisted him.

Mikko Cowdery entertained on Tuesday afternoon. We had a wonderful time dancing to

all the old tyme two steps he played and singing along.

Bingo was played at West View Wednesday afternoon. Rev. Steve Hilde of the Salem,

Sauk Valley and Little Sauk Lutheran churches conducted a chapel and communion

service at CMH after bingo. He also led a Bible study group on Thursday.

Thanks to Karen Vogh for all her help on Thursday morning during Nifty Nails. The

Osakis Review was read before dinner.

Apple Day was a big hit on Thursday afternoon. Staff brought in eight different apple

desserts to sample. Bringing desserts and assisting were; Bethany Rajdl, Nola Smith,

Kathie Zimmerly, Tony Van Acker, Angie Reinke, Evie Akervik and Courtney Mahutga.

We also did some apple facts and trivia.

Music Bingo was played Friday afternoon.

Thanks to Linda Churchill for helping with crafts.