Park Osagi in Osakis was already buzzing with excitement by 11 a.m. Saturday, August 18.

Like worker ants, members of the Osakis Boy Scouts Troop marched into the grounds with building materials - all to help a fellow scout carry out his anticipated Eagle Scout Project.

Fifteen-year-old Matt Ramey of Osakis had been planning to construct a flagpole for months. Of the 13 scouts that make up his small troop, Ramey would be the first to reach the coveted Eagle Scout ranking upon the successful completion of the project.

Of all the service projects he could have chosen, making the landscaped flag circle was an obvious choice for the soon-to-be 10th grader.

"Once I hit Life Scout and started thinking about becoming an Eagle Scout, I was looking for a project and this one kind of just clicked," said Ramey. "I hope my flag lightens up the park and that a lot of people enjoy it."

As explained by Ramey, the process of making his project a reality was a long one. Once his project was selected, it had to be approved by the city, an Eagle Project Approval Contract had to be completed, and it had to go through a local Scout council.

After the approval process was through, it was time to begin the hurdle of fundraising. By approaching community members and businesses with the proposal of the project, Ramey was able to raise the $800 needed to fund the project and then some - collecting an extra amount of about $500 that will be used to fund Ramey's Eagle ceremony as well as future troop endeavors.

"The community really stepped up. We're thankful," said Brian Ramey, Osakis Scout Master as well as Matt's father.

In a matter of hours Saturday afternoon, the flag circle was constructed and a flag dedication ceremony was carried out by the troop and two members of the Osakis VFW Honor Guard.

When the afternoon was through, the only thing standing between Ramey and his anticipated Eagle Scout ranking was time for the cement to set and his paperwork to be processed.

"I've been pushing him a little bit to get the Eagle. It's the last big hurdle except for the paperwork," said Ramey's father with a smile. "I'm just proud of him."