Is that long-overdue book from the library tugging on your conscience?

Now is the time to clear the slate.

The Douglas County Library is offering an opportunity to clean up past due accounts and get a fresh start in 2020.

Currently, library users owe an excessive amount in past due fines. Library Director Dawn Dailey said she’d like to erase those fines and get materials returned.

“Don’t let your love of the library be gone for good over past due fines,” says Dailey. “We all make mistakes. If you have received a friendly reminder notice that, because your library item is so past due it is now considered lost, we are giving you a chance to return it.”

An item is considered lost when a library user has received three past due notices.

From Jan. 21 through Feb. 1, when people return an item considered lost the library will waive all fines associated with that item.

“We would like you to return all lost items, but this amnesty only pertains to Douglas County Library materials,” says Dailey. “Remember, the items must be in good condition. We want others to have a chance to use them in the future.”

The library will also take 50 percent off all other Douglas County Library overdue fines for library users who pay in full during this time period.

Once a person has paid up, his or her library privileges will be restored in full. For those needing a library card, it can be replaced for $3. People must bring a picture ID with a current mailing address, or an ID and a piece of mail from a utility, credit card company or other business with a current address.

“Please help us share this one-time offer,” says Dailey. “Tell your friends and family so they too, can enjoy the many opportunities provided by the Douglas County Library.”