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Community Memorial Home News: It's the season for apple crisp

September 2-8

Sunday morning a non-denominational worship service was held in the Terrace Heights Chapel led by Steve Fredrickson. Thank you to all the volunteers who helped and to those who conducted a Catholic communion service.

Happy Labor Day!

Father David Petron of the Immaculate Conception Catholic Church of Osakis and St. Nicholas of Belle River celebrated mass on Tuesday morning in the Terrace Heights Chapel. The Rosary was prayed before mass. Assisting were Marilynn Grundman, Dick Daas, Mary Hunter, Pat Mohror, Loretta Becker, Phyllis Tegals and Bob Schluender.

Thank you to everyone who brought in garden produce.

Tuesday afternoon we had our monthly resident council meeting. We talked about things to do in October. Warm apple crisp was served after the meeting.

Pastor Randy Knuth of the First Presbyterian Church of Osakis conducted a communion service.

Wednesday morning, we played scrabble and rummy. Bingo was played at West View in the afternoon. Rev. Steve Hilde of the Long Bridge Lutheran Church conducted a chapel and communion service at CMH after bingo.

Several ladies enjoyed a manicure on Thursday morning during Nifty Nails. We also made another apple crisp for our afternoon treat and sliced a bowl full of cucumbers for a creamy cucumber salad, that they'll serve for supper. The Osakis Review was read before dinner.

Thursday afternoon we had an old-fashioned spelling bee. We've got some good spellers here.

Friday and Saturday afternoon, we played everyone's favorite game, bingo. We also did some crafts on Saturday.