September 23-29

Sunday morning a non-denominational worship service was held in the Terrace Heights Chapel led by Steve Fredrickson. Thank you to all the volunteers who helped and to those who conducted a Catholic communion service.

Bingo was played at Terrace Heights on Monday afternoon.

Father David Petron of the Immaculate Conception Catholic Church of Osakis and St. Nicholas of Belle River celebrated mass on Tuesday morning in the Terrace Heights chapel. The Rosary was prayed before mass. Assisting were Pat Mohror, Marilynn Grundman, Phyllis Tegals, Loretta Becker, Dick Daas, Mary Hunter and Bob Schluender.

Mikko Cowdery entertained on Tuesday afternoon. He played guitar and sang many old favorite songs, and everyone sang along. Thanks to Mikko for a fun afternoon.

Wednesday morning, we played several different card games and Yahtzee. Enjoying the games were Frances Sauer, Helen Mclain, Leroy Mackove, Geri Irwin, Darlene Goodwin, Loretta Becker and Edna Sargent. Bingo was played at West View in the afternoon. Rev. Steve Hilde of the Long Bridge Lutheran Church conducted a chapel service at CMH after bingo.

Several manicures were done on Thursday morning during Nifty Nails. Rev. Rich Fitzer of the Osakis Lutheran Church conducted a communion service in the Terrace Heights Chapel. Assisting were LaRayne Johnson, Kearney Frank, Pat Ryan and Don and Sheila Watschke. The Osakis Review was read before dinner. The Viking Library Bookmobile stopped.

Thursday afternoon, keeping with our theme, "Back 2 School Days," we had a chemistry class. We made slime with Elmer's glue, shaving cream and food coloring. Put skittles in milk and watched the outer layer dissolve, put an egg in vinegar and watched the shell disappear, and made non-Newtonian fluid, called oobleck, with cornstarch and water. Thanks to Eva Van Acker for her help.

Bingo was played on Friday and Saturday afternoon. Saturday morning, we did a scarecrow craft.