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CMH News: Cards, bingo, manicures and more

January 20-26

Sunday morning a non-denominational worship service was held in the Terrace Heights Chapel led by Steve Fredrickson. Thank you to all the volunteers who helped and to those who conducted a Catholic communion service.

Bingo was played at West View on Monday afternoon.

Father David Petron of the Immaculate Conception Catholic Church of Osakis and St. Nicholas of Belle River conducted a Catholic communion service Tuesday morning in the Terrace Heights Chapel. The rosary was prayed before mass. Assisting were Loretta Becker, Pat Mohror, Sandy Waldvogel, Mary Hunter, Phyllis Tegals, Bob Schluender and Dick Daas.

Tuesday afternoon ladies from the St. Alexius Church in West Union hosted a bingo game. Assisting and bringing the bingo prizes, along with angel food cake with strawberries for dessert, were Carol Miller, Sharon Messer, JoAnn Deters, Anne Nathe and Deb Frie.

Card games were played on Wednesday morning. Bingo was played on Wednesday afternoon in Terrace Heights. Rev. John Smith conducted a chapel service in the Terrace Heights Chapel after bingo.

Several manicures were done on Thursday morning during Nifty Nails. Rev. Rich Fitzer of the Osakis Lutheran Church conducted a Lutheran communion service in the Terrace Heights chapel on Thursday morning. Assisting were LaRayne Johnson, Sheila and Don Watschke, Jim and Betty Heuer, and Kearney Frank.

The Osakis Review was read before dinner. Thursday afternoon we held our monthly resident council meeting. Following the meeting we had a happy hour. We served a delicious hot cocoa with Kahlua, wine and cookie bars for dessert.

Bingo was played on Friday afternoon.