The Osakis Clinic is temporarily closed because of the pandemic.

Alomere Health said it made the decision to close the facility for the safety of its healthcare workers and the patients it serves.

"This closure is done in an effort to minimize the potential spread of COVID-19, maximize the efficiencies of our staff to deliver care, and ensure the preservation of our personal protective equipment (masks, gloves, etc.)," said Edward Reif, director of Alomere Health Community Relations and Development.

Dr. Paul Bergstrand and Megan Stadsklev’s primary care clinics are still operating at the Alexandria Clinic during the temporary closure of the Osakis Clinic.

"As we move through this pandemic, we will evaluate when the appropriate time to reopen the Osakis Clinic will be," Reif said. "We sincerely appreciate your commitment to the Osakis Clinic and Alomere Health as we continue to deliver world class care close to home during these uncertain times."

In-person appointments are still available at the Alexandria Clinic, as well as Alomere Health's "eClinic" for virtual visits at For any respiratory illness concerns, call 320-763-5123 before you come to the clinic or the hospital.