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Osakis firefighters practice on propane fire

Firefighters were silhouetted by the flames rolling from the simulated propane fire at a Monday, October 15 training exercise for the Osakis Fire Department. (Roberta Olson photo)

The Osakis Fire Department held a practice propane fire exercise on Monday, October 15, as part of their on-going training program.

The Alexandria Technical and Community College and Ridgewater College's mobile fire training equipment was used, along with 500 gallons of propane donated by Cenex Farmers Union Oil in Alexandria.

Osakis Fire Chief Chad Mathews said it had been 10 years since the department had a propane practice exercise, and that eight or nine members had not seen it before.

"It definitely was a good experience for a lot of the newer guys, a lot who had never seen that before," Mathews said.

The department first had classroom training, followed by on-location training with water control. Then the propane tank was lit and fire exploded into the air, reaching a hot 20 to 25 feet into the air.

Andy Anderson of Parkers Prairie was the lead instructor of a staff of four who came to Osakis for the practice burn.

Groups of firefighters practiced putting out the fire several times during the training session.