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Osakis Police Blotter - through Nov. 17, 2015


November 4

Permit to purchase handgun.

Assist other agency with felony warrant, fifth degree controlled substance crime; suspect moved to Wisconsin.

November 5

Jump-started vehicle for motorist, 8th Ave. E/Nestor St.

Domestic, pictures taken of both complainants, no arrests, Lake St.

Car hit dog, Lake St. Dog doesn’t appear to be injured.

Driver stopped for having no front license plate, cited for canceled driver’s license, no proof of insurance and giving false name to police, Nokomis St.

November 6

Suspicious activity, female stated she was being chased by a male, Nokomis St.

Speeding warning, Central Ave./1st Ave.

Speeding warning, Hwy. 27/Daydream Loop.

Speeding warning, Co. Rd. 31 SE/Co. Rd. 82.

Driver warned for no headlight, 3rd Ave. E/Main St.

Driver warned for not coming to complete stop out of Gas Mart, 3rd Ave. W.

Dog barking complaint, Main St. Officer responded and did not hear barking.

Driver stopped for crossing over center line in a curve, Co. Rd. 10 NW. Driver was tired.

Traffic stop, 4th Ave. W/Oak St.

November 7

Traffic stop, Nokomis St.

Officer found a stalled vehicle, Co. Rd. 82 SE/Smith Lake Rd. Driver warned for having suspended license. Someone else had to retrieve car.

November 8

Patrol activity, Knights Pub and Grub.

Public assistance, gas drive-off, Nokomis St.

Assist other agency with report of possible tractor fire, Bird Lake Road. Unable to locate.

A gravel truck driver for Rollie’s Sales and Service broke down on 3rd Ave. W. Officer gave him a ride back to Rollie’s.

November 9

Driver warned for no headlight and expired tabs; cited for no proof of insurance, Nokomis St./1st Ave. W.

Report of juveniles hanging around in back of store on Main St.; unable to locate.

Driver warned for conduct, 2nd Ave. E/Nokomis St.

Assist other agency with driver who hit deer, locked herself out of vehicle, Hwy. 27. Officer unlocked vehicle, issued deer permit.

November 10

Driver warned for failing to display front license plate, Co. Rd. 3 SE/Trisco Cove Dr.

Public assistance, theft of medications, King St.

Driver stopped for not obeying stop sign, 8th Ave. E/Nokomis St. Driver has until end of the week to provide proof of insurance or a citation will be issued.

Medical call, fall, Pike St.

November 11

Complaint of dogs defecating on neighbor’s yard, Nokomis St. Officer advised owner of dogs to control them when they are outside and to get them licensed.

Medical call, female dizzy and vomiting, Lake St.

Theft from house that was damaged in a fire last month, Pike Street.

Alarm, Main Street, all secure.

Shoplifting, Nokomis Street, juvenile caught on tape.

Gas drive-off, Nokomis Street, person returned later and paid.

November 12

Driver warned for expired license tabs, wrong address on driver’s license, Nokomis St.

Suspicious activity reported, possible child abuse, under investigation.

Driver warned for loud muffler, expired proof of insurance, Dollar General.

Driver cited for going 50 miles per hour in a 30 mph zone, 1st Ave. E/Hwy. 27.

Complaint of loud semi idling, Nokomis St. Driver agreed to move.

November 13

Public assist, look for dog that was dropped off for grooming and ran away.

Complaint of theft, unfounded.

Driver stopped for window tinting violation, given 30 days to remove tint.

Abandoned vehicle, with flat tires, left on Pike Street for several days. Owner was located and told to move it.

Assist other agency in checking on a renter, Kensington.

Permit to acquire handgun application.

Speeding warning, Co. Rd. 82 SE.

Speeding warning, 1st Ave. E/Lions Park.

Speeding warning, 8th Ave. W/Nokomis St.

November 14

Traffic stop, Co. Rd. 3 NE, driver was tired, traveling from the Twin Cities to his cabin.

Medical call, possible asthma attack, Main St.

Suspicious activity, male with dark hoodie, long hair and goatee went into a vehicle on Main Street. Under investigation.

Speeding warning, 1st Ave. E/Hwy. 27.

Speeding warning, 1st Ave. E/Hwy. 27.

Driver warned for expired license tabs, hanging muffler, I-94/Hwy. 27.

Speeding warning, 1st Ave. E/Lions Park.

Speeding warning, 1st Ave. E/Lions Park.

Assist other agency, check residence for two people for Todd County Sheriff’s Office.

November 16

Medical call, difficulty breathing, Lake St.

Public assistance in locating man’s son. He was fine.

Alarm, bar area motion, 8th Ave. E.

911 hang-up, unable to make contact.

Speeding warning, 1st Ave. E/Lions Park.

Speeding warning, 1st Ave. E/Hwy. 27.

November 17

Report of two females in a Nissan assaulting woman and daughter, Nokomis St. Two arrested and taken to jail. Parties knew one another.

Driver cited for speeding, warned for stop sign violation and no proof of insurance, 1st Ave. E/Nokomis St.

Disturbance at First National Bank parking lot. One arrested for an outstanding warrant from Pope County, providing false information to police and drug possession.

Speeding warning, Hwy. 27/Dabler Rd.

Driver cited for stop sign violation, Hwy. 27/Todd County Road 51.

Speeding warning, 1st Ave. E/Hwy. 27.

Speeding warning, Hwy. 27.

• • •

This is not a comprehensive report of all local law enforcement activity, rather, a brief recap of daily calls for service.