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Trailblazers host awards night

Osakis Trailblazer Club year-end award winners are (back, left to right) Fayth Kissner, Sara Carstenson, Trista Sandgren, Victoria Viteri, Colby Schnell, Jayden Hellman, (front) Kaitlynn Rousselange, Corie Christensen, Caden Judd, Eva Viteri, Chase Hellmann, Ali Hellmann and Peyton Hukriede. (Contributed photo)1 / 2
Osakis Trailblazer Club members who participated at the State Fair and Championship Show included (back, left to right) Rosa Hukriede, Mike Kronenberg, Cassandra Zins, Arlene Bayer, Mike Shefveland, Deb Shefveland, Bryan Shaw, Amber Duncanson, Dani Rousselange, (front) Eva Viteri, Victoria Viteri and Kailynn Rousselange. (Contributed photo)2 / 2

The Osakis Trailblazer Saddle Club held its annual awards banquet at Diamond Point on Saturday, Jan. 16.

Year-end awards were presented to the following:

• Men – 1st-Colby Judd, 2nd-Denny Ahrens, 3rd-Ross Hetland.

• Women – 1st-Arlene Bayer, 2nd-Dani Rousselange, 3rd-Rosa Hukriede.

• Intermediate – 1st-Ben Johnson.

• Junior – 1st-Sara Carstenson, 2nd-Colby Schnell, 3rd-Tayler Pitschka.

• PeeWee – 1st-Jayden Hellmann, 2nd-Natalie Bergman, 3rd-Ali Hellmann, 4th-Trista Sandgren, 5th-Victoria Viteri and Kaitlynn Rousselange, 6th-Caden Judd.

• PeeWee Participation – Fayth Kissner, Eva Viteri, Chase Hellmann and Hailey Duncanson.

• Fun Events – SR-Rosa Hukriede, JR-Colby Schnell.

• Fastest Times – Barrels-Dani Rousselange, Poles-Deb Shefveland.

Also acknowledged were the winners at the 2015 State Fair and WSCA Championship Show including that the club won the second place High-Point Game award at the Championship Show.

Winners of various Ranch Rodeo events were also acknowledged.

The Osakis club holds various events at their arena on Hwy. 27 East that are always open to the public free of charge. Events this coming summer include:

• Game shows – May 15, June 5, July 10, July 31 and Aug. 7.

• Ranch Rodeo – June 18 and 19.