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Osakis' Class of 2016 receives awards, scholarships

Osakis High School seniors were awarded for their talent and academic achievements with scholarship awards and other recognition.

Scholarship Awards for 2015-16

Scholarship and Citizenship:

• George E. and Mae L. Barron Award, $500: Ashley Kraemer

• Pergol Scholarship, 2 at $1,500: Ashley Kraemer, Michael Herringshaw

• Osakis Heritage Center, $500: Jessica LeBrun

• Class of 1943, $500: Mali Larson

• Class of 1955, $200: Morgan Silbernick

• Runestone Electric Association, $600: Carl Hirte

• Osakis VFW, 6 at $500: Carl Hirte, Tahara Hovey, MaKayla Waltzing, Ellen Oeltjen, Shania Zarbok, Brittney Sadlemyer

• Royale B. and Eleanor M. Arvig, $750/year = $3,000: Abby Stroup

• Osakis Women’s Association, 2 at $1,000: Ana Chisholm, Nicole Peikert

• Lakes Area Professional Women, $500: Allison Scherr

• Osakis Education Association, $300: Brittany Sadlemyer

• Osakis Lake Association, $500: Ashley Kraemer

• Sauk River Watershed, $400: Ashley Kraemer

• Osakis Sportsmen’s Association, $1,000: Abby Stroup

• Diane Fortenberry Memorial Scholarship, 6 at $500: Jessica LeBrun, Jenna Fearing, Emma Kulzer, Ana Chisholm, Morgan Silbernick, Michael Herringshaw

• Alexandria Area Realtors, $500: Jarret Weispfennig

• Alexandria Elks, $500: Allison Scherr

• Viking Sportsmen Scholarship, $500: Ashley Kraemer

• Alexandria Masonic Lodge #81, 3 at $500: Mali Larson, Coleman Cody, Morgan Silbernick

• Villard Area Lions, 7 at $100: Christian Carls, Scott Kirckof, Marissa Loverink, Kalib Schwardt, Jarrett Weispfennig, Shania Zarbok, Jose Valdivie

• Villard American Legion, 4 at $500: Jarrett Weispfennig, Shania Zarbok, Ellen Oeltjen, Trent Eddy

• Log Cabin Pizza, 2 at $500: Ellen Oeltjen, Mali Larson

• Douglas County Corn and Soybean Growers, $1,000: Matthew Backowski

• Pope County Corn and Soybean Growers, $500: Matthew Backowski

• Financial Aid Night Scholarships, 2 at $50: Jonah Martin, Slavik Laumeyer

• Lakes Country Honors Scholarship, $250: Abby Stroup; $200: Ryan Strelow

• After Prom Scholarship, $200: Jenna Fearing

The following students have been recognized by the institutions of higher learning they have chosen to attend next year or other community organizations based on high academic achievement and leadership ability.

• Morgan Silbernick – University of Northwestern Leadership Program Award - $8,000 over 4 years; UNW Legacy Scholarship - $6,000 over 4 years; Faculty Scholarship - $32,000 over 4 years.

• Ellen Oeltjen – Catholic Referral Scholarship - $300 for 4 years; Catholic United Financial - $500; Legacy Scholarship - 5% tuition discount for 4 years; Benedictine Scholarship from St. Scholastica - $20,000 each year for 4 years.

• Matthew Backowski – NDSU Academic Scholarship - $800.

• Hannah Rising – Hamline Honors Scholarship - $22,000 each year for 4 years.

• Gretchen Majerus – Raise me Scholarship - $4,000 over 4 years; UMD New Student - $1,000; U Promise Scholarship - $750; UMD Gibson Scholarship - $1,000.

• Ana Chisholm – University of North Dakota Academic Achievement Award - $6,000 over 4 years; UND Honors Scholarship - $1,500.

• Alli Scherr – NDSU Freshman Academic Scholarship - $2,000; NDSU Development & Foundation Honor Scholarship - $1,000.

• Nicole Peikert – U Promise Scholarship - $3,750.

• Shayla Marthaler – Midwest Dairy Association - $1,200; University of Minnesota, Crookston CIHS/PSEO Scholarship - $500; U of M, Crookston Distinguished Scholarship - $6,000 over 4 years.

• Abby Stroup – University of North Dakota Presidential Scholarship - $10,000 over 4 years.

• Danielle Foster – NDSU Academic Scholarship - $800.

• Justin Mickle – NDSU Presidential Scholarship - $6,000; NDSU Mildred Larson Scholarship - $1,500.

• Ashley Kraemer – St. Ben’s Presidential Academic Scholarship – $74,000 over 4 years.

The Osakis High School Seniors Honor Program was held May 23. Students were recognized for their achievements.


I Dare You

Isaac Sabrowsky

AAA Award

Female recipient: Ashley Kraemer

Male recipient: Ryan Strelow

Senior Knowledge Bowl

Zane Pahl, Ryan Strelow, Carl Haider, Hannah Rising, Coleman Cody, Krista Fearing

Science Olympiad

Ryan Strelow, Carl Haider, Ashley Kraemer, Ana Chisholm, Hannah Rising, Krista Fearing

Athletics – Archery

Carl Hirte, Carl Haider, Krista Fearing, Nichole Vedral, David Woodard, Ellen Oeltjen, Jon Weiler, and MaKayla Waltzing

Athletics – All Sports

Plaques awarded to students for band, baseball, basketball, cheerleading, choir, cross country, football, golf, one-act play, softball, speech, tennis, track and field, volleyball, wrestling

Athlete of the Year

Male recipient: Brendon Coyer

Female recipient: Brittney Sadlemyer

Theatre Art – One Act

Brooke Wiener, Nicole Peikert, Ashley Kraemer, Gretchen Majerus, Ana Chisholm

Senior Art Awards

Sammie Baumann, Jamie Bliese, Christian Carls, Coleman Cody, Joe Garcia, Jordan Gulbranson, Mali Larson, Gretchen Majerus, Kylie Newman, Nicole Peikert, Hannah Rising, Ryan Strelow, Makayla Waltzing, Brooke Wiener

Instrumental Music

John Phillip Sousa: Ashley Kraemer

Director’s Award: Morgan Silbernick

Patrick S. Gilmore Award: Ryan Strelow

Vocal Music

Senior Certificates and Pins: Austin Arias, Samantha Baumann, Jamie Bliese, Christian Carls, Ana Chishom, Coleman Cody, Brendon Coyer, Danielle Foster, Joseph Garcia, Taylor Giese, Isabella Hiltner, Taharah Hovey, Ashley Kraemer, Justin Mickle, Mali Larson, Jessica LeBrun, Marissa Loverink, Zane Pahl, Nicole Peikert, Hannah Rising, Brittney Sadlemyer, Morgan Silbernick, Garret Sunder, Isabelle Szech, Jose Valdivie, Nichole Vedral, Shania Zarbok

Solos, Ensemble Certificates, Medals

Excellent Rating at Subsection (certificate): 1 Solo: Samantha Baumann

Superior Rating at Subsection and State (certificate, medal): 5 Solos: Ashley Kraemer, Marissa Loverink, Zane Pahl, Hannah Rising, Morgan Silbernick; 2 Duets: Sammie Baumann and Nicole Peikert, Zane Pahl and Morgan Silbernick

1 SSAA: Nikki Vedral, Ashley Kraemer, Morgan Silbernick, Isabelle Szech, Samantha Baumann, Hannah Rising, Jessie LeBrun, Nicole Peikert, Mali Larson, Brittney Sadlemyer, Marissa Loverink, Danielle Foster

Jazz (Select) Choir: Austin Arias, Samantha Baumann, Christian Carls, Coleman Cody, Joey Garcia, Ashley Kraemer, Marissa Loverink, Justin Mickle, Zane Pahl, Nicole Peikert, Morgan Silbernick

Arion Award

Nicole Peikert

Director’s Award

Morgan Silbernick