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Osakis Police Department Blotter - March 15, 2017


March 1

Education presentation; DARE; 1st Ave E.

Vehicle unlock; 1st Ave E.

Medical; male has fallen and may be injured; diabetic; transported; W Main.

Administrative activity; prescription drug box pill — confidential paper burn; S Jefferson, Alexandria.

Assisted elderly man getting lawn mower out of trunk; E Nokomis.

Warning for speed; CR 78/CR 82.

Animal complaint; attacked by dog while walking home from grocery store; per video supplied by comp, dog left yard and was in the street; it did not bite the comp. Person 1 issued warning that next complaint could result in a citation. Person 1 said dog was licensed but records show no license; W Pike.

Suspicious veh parked sideways on CR 82 with no lights; comp drove up to veh and it backed into the ditch. Driver is diabetic who stated he was starting to feel different so he thought he had pulled over. Per comp, he had parked in middle of road and then backed into ditch. Family arrived on scene to assist getting veh and driver back to residence. A driver eval letter will be sent; 3rd Ave/W Nokomis.

March 2

Officer came on van in middle of intersection; locked; messed-up steering column; rental truck broke down; RO will come at 2 p.m. to move if renter has not returned; 3rd Ave/E Rush St.

Property damage accident; minor crash; no injuries; photos taken; Central Ave.

Medical; mix of alcohol and meds has male unconscious; transported; 2nd Ave E.

Education-presentation; helping with Backpack Attack Food Program; 1st Ave e.

Warning for speed; 1st Ave/Hwy 27.

March 3

Driving complaint on person 1, on way to school; speeding on Hwy 27, fail to stop at 4-way stop on Hwy 27/CR 51; exhibition driving in town; met with person at OHS, warning for driving conduct and window tint; 1st Ave/E Nokomis.

Burning complaint; smoke coming out of chimney; outdoor wood boiler smoking normally after being stoked; Hwy 27.

Vehicle unlock; W Main.

Vehicle with flat tire parked for a few days westbound on E Nokomis. Made contact with owner; they advised it would be removed by evening of March 4; E Nokomis.

Alarm; canceled prior to dispatch; Hwy 27.

Driving complaint; veh all over road, started on freeway. Spoke with driver who stated they were talking and might have crossed the line but did not think it was too bad. Driver told what officer had seen and he said he did not realize; issued warning; I-94/Hwy 27.

Citation issued for window tint; warning for license plate covers; Hwy 27/CR 37.

March 4

Assist other agency; left arm and chest pain; Pheasant Hill Rd NE.

Warrant; other jurisdiction; CR 82.

Vehicle unlock; Waldvogel Dr.

Assist other agency; anon comp that female is in this van with warrants out of Cities; possibly 4 people in van; UTL; CR 82.

Assist other agency; cattle on road; officer assisted with traffic control and helped chase the herd back in; CR 3.

While parked, passerby motorist stopped to report a traffic complaint; while officer standing on roadway with motorist, person 1's dog showed aggression toward them and circled them on the roadway. Officer warned owner's boyfriend to keep dog tied and advised him to have dog licensed with city; dog is female brown mix; E Nokomis.

Warning for broken taillight; W Nokomis.

March 5

Citation issued for speed; Nokomis E/Hwy 27.

Hospital security called to report alarm at clinic; alarm stated sump pump failure; while checking, officer set off nursing station motion alarm. Hospital engineering will take care of sump pump alarm; 3rd Ave E.

Alarm; front desk, back pharmacy motion; does not appear to be any forced entry; false alarm; Central Ave.

Funeral escort; 1st Ave E.

Animal complaint; wants to speak to officer regarding an aggressive dog; found owner of dog and got him back in the kennel; E Nestor.

Transfer from Todd Co female caller stating she'd been assaulted; person 2 claimed to have been choked, no evidence to support accusation; statements taken from 4 parties; Central/E Main.

Patrol activity; bar check; E 8th Ave.

Patrol activity; bar check; E Nokomis.

Warning for front marker light out and cracked windshield; CR 37/Hwy 27.

Warning for speed; 1st Ave/W Nokomis.

March 6

Welfare check; received tip; W Nokomis.

Car killed deer; wants to file a report; comp should contact jurisdiction where the crash happened to file a report; Laven's Lakeview Dr.

March 7

Medical; stable patient needs eval at ER; transported; 3rd Ave E.

Education-presentation; DARE; 4th Ave W.

Animal complaint; spoke to dog owner about dog leaving property; 6th Ave W.

Traffic hazard; large section of dock blew onto road; removed section off roadway; E Lake St.

Medical; person 1 approached officer with concerns she was dying due to being off medications and using illegal drugs; transported to ER for evaluation; Osakis.

*This is not a comprehensive report of all local law enforcement activity; rather, a brief recap of daily calls for service.