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Osakis City Beach improvements approved

The Osakis City Council approved the purchase of a roll-in dock for the City Beach, at its Monday, May 1 regular meeting.

The dock is part of planned improvements for the City Beach, which will be open during the 2017 summer season.

Other future planning calls for a slide at the beach, possible volleyball court and a fishing pier.

City Clerk Angela Jacobson reported the city has received two applications for lifeguards for the season and is hoping to get one more applicant for fill in.

Public Works report

Kurt Haakinson reported the department has purchased on on-line analyzer which monitors the affluent at the water plant, at a cost of $7,000.

Hydrants will be flushed in May, and Pond No. 3 will be discharged.

Haakinson was to attend an informal meeting on May 2 with the MPCA commissioner and assistant commissioner, and representatives from Rural Water, regarding the permit renewal for 2017.

Main Street West is under construction by Riley Brothers Construction and Haakinson will present overlay bids for 2017 street work at the June council meeting.

More bids will be received on re-roofing of the Information Center. New banners for the downtown were ordered and should be up in April.

In the Water Department, EDU letters to the higher volume users in town were sent out, notifying them of a rate change on July 1. Concerns expressed by the high water users will be addressed.

Land purchase

The city has agreed to purchase the lot owned by Loren and Lil Ortendahl, located at 24 Main Street West in downtown Osakis. The deal was to close at noon on May 2.

Discussion was held between the council and the Ortendahls at the meeting regarding the 2017 assessments to the property, and an encroachment by the adjoining property detected on a GIS aerial photo. The council decided not to survey the property at this time.

The seller will furnish an abstract certified to date. The taxes will be prorated to the sale date.

Purchase price to the city is $40,000 for the lot.

Other action

In other action, the City Council:

• Passed a resolution approving a variance for Larry Johnson, 1901 Lake Street East, to put a detached garage in his front yard. The property abuts Lake Osakis. Setback would be 32.5 feet. The variance was recommended by the Osakis Planning and Zoning Board.

• Approved the minutes of the Planning and Zoning Board.

• Approved a request from the Central Lakes Cruzers to hold the July 8 car show on Main Street from First Avenue West to First Avenue East, leaving Central Avenue and the bank access open.

• Approved Black's Resort request to close Lake Street on April 28-29 to install docks in Lake Osakis.