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Community Center gets facelift

The Ed Pollard Community Center in Osakis has received a thorough cleaning, including power washing of the interior and deep cleaning inside. The cupboards were cleaned and Service Master will strip and wax the floor.

The facility is rented by the Osakis Senior Citizens club during the week, as well as other groups, and the Osakis City Council discussed the arrangement at the Monday, May 1 regular council meeting.

Public Works Director Kurt Haakinson told the council whatever group rents the center should be responsible to clean the center when they use it. "Those who use it should clean it," he said.

Lil Ortendahl, present at the meeting, said the seniors would be willing to do the work. "Give a list of what's expected of people who rent it," she said. The seniors like to "leave it better than we found it."

All parties that rent the Community Center will be given a list of what cleanup is expected of them.

A janitor will be hired for the Community Center. Angela Jacobson, Jim Snyder and Kurt Haakinson will work together to get these items accomplished. They will meet with Ortendahl on the subject.