The following scholarship awards for 2016-17 were announced during Osakis Senior Awards Night on May 22.

Local scholarships and Citizenship awards

George E. and Mae L. Barron Award, $500 - Isaac Infanger.

Pergol Scholarship, two $1,500 - Glenn Seela, Morgan Staloch.

Osakis Heritage Center, $500 - Melissa Wielenberg.

Class of 1943, $500 - Nicolle Klukken.

Runestone Electric Association, $600 - Jonathan Oeltjen.

Osakis VFW, six $500 - Kari Didier, Zach Weir, Jessica Gavin, Kayla Sorenson, Ruslan Dykem, Blake Engfer.

Royale B. and Eleanor M. Arvig, $750/year or $3,000 - Jena Backes.

Osakis Women's Association, two $1,000 - Kari Didier, Isaac Infanger.

Lakes Area Professional Women, $800 - Melissa Wielenberg.

Osakis Education Association, $300 - Kayla Sorenson.

Osakis Lake Association, $500 - Ruslan Dykema.

Sauk River Watershed, $500 - Ruslan Dykema.

Osakis Sportsman's Association, $1,000 - Ruslan Dykema.

Diane Fortenberry Memorial Scholarship, two $500 - Isaac Infanger and Jordyn Rajdl.

Dayni Imdieke Memorial Scholarship, $1,000 Jordyn Rajdl.

Alexandria Area of Realtors, $500 - Zach Weir.

Real Estate by Jo, $500 - Morgan Staloch.

Alexandria Elks, $500 - Miranda Petrich.

Viking Sportsmen Scholarship, $500 - Miranda Petrich.

Alexandria Masonic Lodge 81, two $500 - Jonathan Oeltjen and Nicolle Klukken.

Villard American Legion, $500 - Travis Scott.

Log Cabin Pizza, two $500 - Morgan Staloch and Melissa Wielenberg.

Bug-A-Boo Bay, $500 - Nicolle Klukken.

Douglas County Corn and Soybean Growers, $1000 - Ruslan Dykema.

Pope County Corn and Soybean Growers, $500 - Ruslan Dykema.

Douglas County Farm Bureau, $300 - Ruslan Dykema.

Financial Aid Night Scholarships, two $50 - Ryan Olson, Logan Wolf.

Lakes Country Honors Scholarship, $250 - Melissa Wielenberg, $200 - Jena Backes.

AA Degree

The Associate of Arts Degree in Liberal Education, otherwise known as the AA degree, includes a general education portion known as the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum and additional elective coursework for a total of 60 college-level semester credits. For the past two years, one student has taken the necessary combination of coursework through a lot of pre-planning, organizing, and rigorous hard work to earn that AA degree from Alexandria Community and Technical College at the end of his senior year and that student is Jonathan Oetljen.

College scholarships

The following students have been recognized by the institutions of higher learning they have chosen to attend next year based on high academic achievement and leadership ability:

• Kirsten Olson - Excellence Scholarship of $8,500/year for 4 years; Cobber Edge Award - $1,000/year for 4 years.

• Blake Engfer - Hamline Academic Scholarship of $17,000/year for 4 years.

• Jonathan Oeltjen - Pere Marquette Award of $17,000/year for 4 years; Marquette University Freshman Grant of $10,100/year for 4 years.

• Morgan Staloch - Viking Coca Cola Poweraid Athlete of the Year for $1,000; Central Minnesota Credit Union for $500.

• Nicolle Klukken - Merit Scholarship from UND of $1,000.

• Miranda Petrich - Presidential Scholarship from UND for $12,000; 3M J.C. and L.A. Duke Scholarship for $10,000; Brenton Engineering Scholarship for $500.

• Glenn Seela - Excellence Scholarship, Cobber Edge Award, and Concordia College Grant totaling $34,630/year for 4 years.

• Melissa Wielenberg - Chancellor Scholarship from UW, Stout for $3000; Promising Student Scholarship of $1,000.

• Jordyn Rajdl - MSUM Scholarship of $4000/year for 4 years.

• Isaac Infanger - Excellence Scholarship, Cobber Edge Award, and Concordia College Grant totaling $30,636/year for 4 years.

• Alecia Kaelke - Full Academic and Athletic Scholarship from Lincoln University for $18,000/year for 4 years.

• Jena Backes - MSUM Achievement Scholarship of $1,250/year; and Lakes Area Co-op for $200.

Academic and athletic achievements

A Honor students: Melissa Wielenberg, Jena Backes, Glenn Seela, Morgan Staloch, Miranda Petrich, Isaac Infanger, Jordyn Rajdl, Nicolle Klukken, Kiara Timmerman, Kirsten Olson, Katarzyna Zajac, Jonathan Oeltjen.

A- Honor students: Grace Wells, Conrad Wiener, Alicia Kaelke, Kayla Sorenson, Jessica Bliese, Elizabeth Sabrowsky, Dacotah Stanek, Kari Didier, Zachary Rud, Brady Roos, Brianna Dallum, Hannah Lien.

B Honor students: Seth Johnson, Taylor Eastlund, Ryan Olson, Alissa Wolbeck, Jeffrey Piekarski, Ethan Eckel, Zachary Weir, Daniel Becker, Emily Kleve, Ruslan Dykema, Eric Griesert, Jacob Wallace, Blake Engfer, Nicolas Thorson, Bailey Marthaler, Ethan Chalmers, Christy Helm.

I Dare You: Ruslan Dykema.

AAA Award: Morgan Staloch, Glenn Seela.

Senior Knowledge Bowl: Jena Backes, Isaac Infanger, Miranda Petrich, Melissa Wielenberg, Blake Engfer, Emily Kleve, Christy Helm.

Science Olympiad: Jena Backes, Jon Oeltjen.

Archery: Jordon Powers, Eric Griesert, Amelia Kraft.

Athlete of the Year: Zachary Weir, Kayla Sorenson.

Theatre Art: Jena Backes, Adam Berry, Taylor Eastlund, Blake Engfer, Amelia Kraft, Miranda Petrich, Kiara Timmerman, Missy Wielenberg.

Senior Art Awards: Taylor Eastlund, Jessica Bliese, Jon Oeltjen, Missy Wielenberg.

Instrumental Music, John Phillip Sousa: Miranda Petrich.

Instrumental Music Director's Award: Glenn Seela.

Senior Band plaques: Adam Berry, Jessica Gavin, Seth Johnson, Glenn Seela, Miranda Petrich, Nic Thorson, Eric Griesert, Kari Didier, Ethan Eckel.

Concert Choir Senior Certificate and charm: Jena Backes, Ethan Chalmers, Kari Didier, RJ Dykema, Taylor Eastlund, Ethan Eckel, Ethan Goodwin, Christy Helm, Kiara Hensley, Amelia Kraft, Kirsten Olson, Miranda Petrich, Elizabeth Sabrowsky, Maxwell Schwartz, Kayla Sorenson, Morgan Staloch, Zach Weir.

Select Choir Certificate and Pin: Jena Backes, Ethan Chalmers, Kari Didier, Amelia Kraft, Miranda Petrich, Zach Weir.

Arion Award: Jena Backes.

Vocal Music Director's Award: Amelia Kraft.