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Osakis improvement projects nearing completion

Work is winding down on the 2016 Downtown Project in Osakis, and continues on the 2017 project.

The city's engineer, Sheila Krohse from Bolton and Menk, attended the Osakis City Council meeting on Monday, Aug. 7, to report on the projects and present bills for the work completed to date.

There are a few issues to be resolved on the 2016 Downtown Project, including the lighting caps in the downtown area.

A payment of $176,535.56 to C&L Excavating was approved by the Council. This leaves a 5 percent retainage of $127,606.82 to be paid. In addition another $17,000 is being held until the lighting is completed.

Krohse requested payment number three for Reilly Brothers Construction of $587,261.81 for work completed through July 28. The City Council approved this payment, as well as a payment of $57,701.60 for Bolton and Menk engineering.

Discussion was held on the reinstallation of the decorative clock in downtown Osakis near the Central Lakes Trail. Krohse reported there was $1,500 allowed in the project budget for taking the clock down and storing it by C&L.

The city should decide where they want the clock installed, mark the spot, and the contractors will see how much of the new sidewalk has to be removed to install the clock. The concrete contractors were expected in town during the week, and there are options, Krohse said.

In other City Council action:

• The first reading of an ordinance updating the city's accounting and billing for water and sewer bills was held. The changes include raising the restore service fee from $75 to $150 on weekends, holidays and after hours; shutoff services after account is 60 days overdue, down from 90 days; and shutoff and turn on service for seasonal residents requests after hours will be $150 per time. The ordinance will go into effect after publication in the paper. City will be strictly following these new shut off procedures.

• Approved a bill of $572.60 from Hall and Associates for their work with the MPCA on behalf of the city regarding pollution point trading requirements for the permit on the city's application for a wastewater treatment facility.

• Received an update from Charter TV on programming and billing changes starting in July.

• Heard reports on budget progress and set a budget meeting date for Tuesday, Aug. 22 at 2 p.m. The 2018 levy must be certified to Douglas County by Sept. 28.

• Received reports on the 2016 tax increments from David Drown Associates, Board of Review training dates, and the 2014 creamery request to run water lines outside the city limits.

• Approved the route for the Moonshine Madness 5-K dash which will be held Saturday, Sept. 9