Will you be able to wake up if a fire breaks out in your home in the middle of the night?

Don't take the chance. Make sure your smoke alarms are working and the batteries aren't dead.

And if you don't have a smoke alarm, here's help.

The Osakis Police Department is partnering with the local chapter of the American Red Cross to provide free smoke alarm installations in the Osakis community.

They will provide and install up to three smoke alarms in your home, completely free of charge. Hearing impaired alarms are also available.

If you are interested, go to the website getasmokealarm.org to fill out a short form or call 612-872-3250.

The American Red Cross and its partners launched the Home Fire Campaign to reduce deaths and injuries caused by home fires by 25 percent over five years.

Depending on where you live and other factors, either an American Red Cross representative or one of our partner organizations will contact you to schedule an installation appointment.