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Program helps those with disabilities

Editor's note: The following information was provided by Todd County Health and Human Services.

MnCHOICES is a single, comprehensive assessment and support planning web-based application for long-term services and supports for people with disabilities who may be eligible for services related to developmental disabilities, community alternatives for disabled individuals, community alternative care, brain injury, elderly waiver, alternative care and personal care assistance.

MnCHOICES uses a person-centered approach that tailors services to an individual's strengths, preferences and needs. It allows the individual to have an important and active role in the planning of their long-term services and supports.

An individual can request a screening or have a screening and decide not to access waivered services. Also, an individual who has a screening may not be eligible for waivered services and/or may be referred for other appropriate services as determined by the MnCHOICES assessment.

To request an assessment for long-term services and supports, call Todd County Health and Human Services at 320-732-4500.