Osakis Public Schools had a big jump in enrollment numbers on opening day, according to Superintendent Randy Bergquist's report to the School Board on Monday, Sept. 10.

"The first day we had 839 students enroll in school," Bergquist said. "One student left, and as of today, we have 838 students. On June 1, there were 800 students. I am so excited! It is awesome that we have another 38 students in our school district!"

Bergquist commented, "Nice job to the staff, students and administration for making this such a tremendous place to learn!"

Since Minnesota State Aid is based on enrollment numbers, the increase of 38 students will definitely affect the school district's budget.

The current Minnesota Adjusted Pupil Unit (APU) for state aid is $6,067. Bergquist pointed out that the APU is weighted, with high school students weighted more than kindergarten students, for example.

Adding other state aids that are received in addition to the APU, the dollar amount is roughly estimated at $9,000 per student. This means that Osakis schools will receive an estimated additional funding in Minnesota aid of $342,000.

"Enrolling 38 more students is just fabulous," Bergquist said.

Grade 2018-19

K 54

1 54

2 54

3 67

4 63

5 63

6 71

Total 426

7 78

8 76

9 72

10 71

11 58

12 57

Total 412

Gr Total 838

In addition to the above figures, there are 27 pupils in pre-school 4-year-olds; and 16 children in pre-school 3-year-olds.