Ever thought about the fact you can't call 911 for a medical pet emergency?

Pets, like children, are at greater risk of death or injury from preventable accidents than any other reason, so learning First Aid, CPR, and quality preventative pet care could save the life of a pet.

However, it isn't easy to find classes for this specific need - until now.

Sharolyn Sievert, a certified instructor for the Pet Tech family of programs, is offering the classes in Osakis. Off Leash K-9 in Osakis is hosting a PetSaver class on Saturday, Dec. 1.

PetSaver covers the skills and information necessary in the unfortunate event of a medical

emergency involving a pet. Some of the topics highlighted in the course are CPR, rescue

breathing, choking management, bleeding protocols, shock, injury and wellness assessments, heat and cold Injuries, dental, and "senior petizen" care.

Sievert is a long-time resident of Douglas County and has been training life-giving skills with

American Heart Association First Aid and CPR classes in the area. Pet care, she said, was a natural extension of her course offerings.

Sievert also listed two other reasons she chose to become a Pet Tech instructor - Levia and Rafah, her certified Search and Rescue K-9 partners. Trained to find missing people, her dogs are exposed to hazards on a regular basis, so she knows the value of being prepared for medical emergencies.

Those interested in registering for the Dec. 1 class, or would like to host a class for their clients, club, or organization, may contact Sievert at: www.ARI-SAR.com.

The programs include an eight-hour premier PetSaver, five-hour Pet CPR/First Aid, Hiking and

Walking with Your Dog, Pet Emergency and Disaster Preparedness, and Knowing your Pet's Health.