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Osakis VFW gives $25,603 in last half of year

From honoring veterans and helping Boy Scouts to supporting schools and providing toys for children, the Osakis VFW continues to make a difference in the community, according to financial information released for last July through December.

The post gave more than $25,000 through its charitable gambling operations.

Here's a month-by-month breakdown of VFW's contributions:


Honoring Veterans...Osakis Family Foods $115.45

Honoring Veterans...Osakis Family Foods $66.69

Honoring Veterans...Osakis Family Foods $41.98

Summer Recreation...City of Osakis $670.00

Someplace Safe $200.00

AUSA Vessy Chapter $200.00

Salvation Army $200.00

Leukemia Society $200.00

Total $1,694.12


Mayo Clinic Cancer Research...Bob Sinote Open $200.00

US Association of Blind Athletes $200.00

Patriot Paws $200.00

American Flag Purchases for Donations $152.70

Osakis Lake Association $150.00

Douglas County Cemetery Assn...Kids Essay $150.00

City of Osakis...Kids Programs $2,773.98

Post & Auxiliary Picnic...Osakis Family Foods $65.01

Total $3,891.69


Osakis Women's Association $400.00

City of Osakis $200.00

City of Osakis $150.00

Total $750.00


Osakis School..After Prom Party(Coach Purse Bingo Split) $1,294.99

Eagles Healing Nest..(Coach Purse Bingo Split) $1,294.99

Eagles Healing Nest $300.00

VA Health Care St Cloud $200.00

Veterans' Campground on the Lake $200.00

Minnesota Historical Society $200.00

St Agnes School Workathon $300.00

Praise FM $100.00

City of Osakis $200.00

City of Osakis $1,200.00

Samaritan's Purse...Operation Christmas Child $200.00

Flag Etiquette Pamphlets $143.00

Total $5,632.98


Voice of Democracy Place Winners $800.00

Veterans' Day Speaker Donation $100.00

Boy Scouts Charter Fee $1,040.00

Boy Scouts Equipment Repair $400.00

Osakis Public School $400.00

Habitat For Humanity $200.00

Cemetery Wreath Stands for Veterans $275.76

Quilt Materials for St Cloud VA Hospital $330.00

Hands of Hope $200.00

OWA for Santa Days $400.00

Mitten Tree $400.00

Wreaths Across America $2,000.00

Civil Air Patrol $200.00

Boy Scout Troop 426 $400.00

Hardship $400.00

Total $7,545.76


Elim Lutheran Church $400.00

Christmas Baskets for the Homebound $710.29

Honoring Veterans $929.69

Honoring Veterans $58.02

Honoring Veterans $64.05

Deployed Veterans Christmas Gifts $391.21

Toys for Kids $100.00

IVYS Legacy Foundation $100.00

Someplace Safe $200.00

American Diabetes Association $200.00

Elder Network $200.00

St Agnes School $236.00

Osakis Public School $500.00

Total $4,089.26

Osakis Public School From Rease McKindly Youth Fund...$2,000.00

Grand Total July - December 2018 $25,603.81