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Under pressure; students compete in fluid power challenge

Eighth-grade students from Osakis work on their prototype, "The Machine," during the Fluid Power Action Challenge last Wednesday, Feb. 27, at Alexandria Technical and Community College. The students were (left to right) Logan Karnes, Marcus Wolf and Isabelle Allex. (Celeste Edenloff / Osakis Review) 1 / 2
Camron Rupert (sitting) and Dan Woessner from Force America judge a fluid power prototype built by Osakis eighth-grade students (left to right) Ian Adolphsen, Chrisob Sadlemyer, Jack Petrich and Kyrah Oeltjen. The students competed in the Fluid Power Action Challenge Wednesday, Feb. 27. (Celeste Edenloff / Osakis Review) 2 / 2

Seventeen teams of eighth-grade students from eight area schools — including Osakis — competed in a Fluid Power Action Challenge at Alexandria Technical and Community College.

The students had to construct a prototype, powered by fluid, that was capable of picking up blocks and moving them.

The annual competition is designed to teach students about use of fluids under pressure to generate, control and transmit power.

According to one of the two Alexandria teams, whose members were Makayla Klimek, Maddie O'Shea, Nick Borden and Ashton Schlosser, the competitors had six meetings to come up with their idea to build a prototype with each meeting lasting about an hour and a half long.

At the competition, the teams were judged on several different categories, including design, group participation and their portfolio, which outlined the step-by-step process.

The schools competing were Alexandria, Osakis, Ashby, Minnewaska, Fergus Falls, Chokio-Alberta, Swanville and Campbell-Tintah.

The winners were:

• Choko-Alberta Team 1 for design and teamwork

• Ashby Arrow Power Team 1 for challenge competition

• Minnewaska Waskadraulics Team 3 for portfolio and overall champion

The judges for the competition were Camron Rupert and Dan Woessner from Force America, a supplier of motion and control systems.

Echo Press reporter Ari Leuthner contributed to this story.

Celeste Edenloff

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