This area saw some of the best snowmobiling it's seen in the last 20 years.

This is what Jeff Linn told the Douglas County commissioners at their regular meeting on April 16. Lind, trail administrator for the Douglas Area Trails Association, said this past winter the trails were officially open for at least 12 weeks and the association groomed 6,600 miles of trails.

"That's our trail system 18 times," Lind said. "It was a great year for snowmobiling and we heard lots of great comments. We finally had some good snow this year."

Besides providing an update to the commissioners, Linn asked for the county's continued sponsorship of the trail system, commonly known as DATA. He said the association is awaiting approval for the Department of Natural Resources Grant in Aid Program, which DATA has been involved in for the past 20 years.

With Douglas County as the sponsor, the trails association is eligible for the DNR grants. The county does not fund the trails directly; it is just the pass-through agency.

The maintenance and grooming program grants ensure that the trails are prepared and ready for use, adequately groomed throughout the season and then properly closed at the end of the season.

Commissioner Charlie Meyer said he also heard lots of great comments and that it definitely was a great year for snowmobilers.

"Great job again to the association," said Meyer. "People were finally having fun on our trails."

The board approved the sponsorship for 2010.

New business

In other action impacting the Osakis area, the Douglas County Board approved a conditional use permit for Pak Rat Mini storage for a moving truck and trailer rental business in Osakis Township.