August 1

Suspicious person, female standing in ditch in front of building, caller said she has been there all night and has been going into apartments, second caller said she's walking toward town, third caller said she is trying to flag people down, was in white SUV by motel, transported to ER, N 6th Ave.

Dog on the run, spoke with owner in apartment, W Nokomis.

At Galeon for Pet Day, W Main.

Patrol activity, E Nokomis.

Fire alarm, comp said she smells something, false alarm, burnt toast, W Main.

Lock park bathrooms, E Lake.

Warning for speed, W 3rd Ave/W Nokomis.

Patrol activity.

Warning for tint and no proof of insurance, W 3rd Ave/W Nokomis.

Warning for tint, W 4th Ave/W Nokomis.

August 2

Lost purse, E 1st Ave.

Vehicle unlock, Central Ave.

Walk in for scam via email, advised the resident, City Hall.

Social Security phone call scam, advised the resident, W Main.

Nuisance violation, sign in right of way, removed sign from right of way, E Nokomis/Hwy 27.

Fraud, money missing from person's bank accounts, W 5th Ave.

Vehicle unlock, E Lake.

Parking complaint, concerns about roll-off dumpster parked long-term on the street with no reflectors or safety cones, left message with property owner to mark dumpster or place it on private property, W 2nd Ave.

Caller requesting help regarding removing boyfriend from apartment.

Motorist found person's driver's license on roadway, made contact, will pick up later, CR 3.

Waiver claim for college ride-along, E Nokomis.

Traffic stop, driver matched owner who didn't have a license, driver was new owner and had license, E 4th Ave/E Nokomis.

Patrolled park, locked restrooms, E Lake.

Warning for tail light out and no proof of insurance, Calvary Rd/CR 82.

Animal complaint, cows in the road, dispatch contacted owner, CR 10/CR 3.

Warning for speed in 55 and 30 zone and no proof of insurance, E 4th Ave/E Nokomis.

August 3

Warning for tail light section out, E 1st Ave/E Main.

Patrolled bike trail.

Parking in no parking zone, Central Ave.

Fire alarm, eight-plex apartments, smoke and hallway alarms, fire dept checked scene, all OK, W Main.

Warning for speed and no current proof of insurance, E 1st Ave/E Pike.

Citation for speed, E 1st Ave/Hwy 27.

Caller stated she needs an escort to ex-boyfriend's to get some of her things.

Lock park bathrooms, E Lake.

Patrol activity.

Patrolled bike trial.

August 4

Public assist, was in the area for a supervised parent/child visitation, E Lake.

Gave two children donated school backpacks full of school supplies, donated by local citizen, E Main.

Assisted DCSO deputy with traffic stop, vehicle searched, driver cited for possession of marijuana and driver's license violations, N 6th Ave/W Nokomis.

Check welfare, kids screaming and parents yelling at kids, spoke with mom and daughter, everyone appeared fine, warning about behavior.

Medical, male down, breathing, transported, W Nokomis.

Patrolled park, locked restrooms, E Lake.

Business check, W Nokomis.

August 5

Assist other agency, TTY message from St. Cloud for contact info on subject, relayed info to St. Cloud police, W 8th Ave.

Medical, non emergency transport to ER for fall earlier in the day, unable to put weight on leg, N 6th Ave.

Business check, E Pike.

Business check.

Business check, CR 82.

Business check, W Nokomis.

Grounds check, City Dump.

Business check, W Nokomis.

August 6

Warning for headlight out, E 1st Ave/E Pike.

Looking for two loose dogs, were picked up by owner, Lake Osakis.

Assist other agency with stalled vehicle, CR 4/Hwy 27.

Education/presentation, National Night Out, E Lake.

Caller believed a customer was smoking meth in bathroom, female with sores all over face acting strangely, left in white SUV, told to call if she showed up acting suspicious again, W Nokomis.

Attempted fraud/scam, comp received a call allegedly from DEA advising him they had his vehicle full of drugs in Texas, demanded money, no personal info given, W Main.

Caller stated a boat is caught in some wires, driver hit telephone wires with tall boat lift, no damage, advised to park, driver stated he would disassemble the lift the next day to move it. W Nokomis.

Warning for loud exhaust, W 3rd Ave/W Main.

Citation for no proof of insurance, warning for tail light out, CR 3/Trisco Cove Dr.

Warning for stop sign violation, W 3rd Ave/W Nokomis.

This is not a comprehensive report of all local law enforcement activity, rather, a brief recap of daily calls for service.