The Osakis School Board approved a technology budget for the coming school year amounting to $210,818, which includes hardware, licensing, networking, software, student and staff devices.

The new devices will include 135 Chromebooks for grades 3 and 4 at a cost of $44,415, and 155 iPads for grades K-2 at a cost of $52,800, along with nine teacher iPads, at a total of $104,905.

Networking includes replacing and updating some security cameras at a cost of $4,800, and 30 percent of the eRate Grant Projects at $36,800.

Classroom hardware includes 28 lab personal computers for Project Lead the Way, at a cost of $39,200, and 16 employee workstations at a cost of $9,600. Supt. Randal Bergquist pointed out that Project Lead the Way has already been delayed one year because the computers were not included in the technology budget.

Network licensing fees will amount to $24,000.

Classroom software expenditures will be $37,913.

Osakis district is now in year two of a four-year plan to furnish Chromebooks.

Basically Osakis has technology in all grades, K-12.

"This is moving us into the 21st Century for sure," Supt. Bergquist told the board of the 2019-2020 technology budget.

As important as furnishing the hardware is giving the teachers training on the use of the new equipment,

"If we get these items, we need to support our staff to move ahead," Bergquist said.

Student Board Representative Megan Peikert commented that students this year sometimes could not access online classes on the Chromebooks, and had to bring their own personal computers to school in order to log on. Adding hardware, and moving some present equipment around will help solve this problem.