Pre-school will be offered for the 2019-2020 school year at Osakis, and was approved by the School Board at its Monday, May 13 regular meeting.

Elementary Principal Shad Schmidt discussed with the board all the alternatives that were offered to parents, and then recommended the board approve all-day pre-school on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

"This allows us to start somewhere with an all-day program," Schmidt said.

The Early Childhood Family Education program will also still be offered.

A minimum enrollment in the new program will be eight students.

A scale for tuition for pre-school was included. Full days, three days a week would cost $285 per month, with a discount to $170 per month for students who receive Free and Reduced Price lunches.

If tuition is paid for the full year there will be a 10 percent discount.

The fees are based on an average of 19 school days per month at a rate of $23.75 a day.

Current registration numbers are 16 four and five year old students for all day Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning classes, and six four and five year old students for M-W-F afternoons.

There are 12 three and four year olds registered in Tuesday-Thursday morning classes; and five registered in the Tuesday-Thursday afternoon classes.

Seven students are registered in the Monday-Friday all day classes for four and five year olds.

Billing will be done by the school district and not the pre-school staff.

An after school child watch program was discussed, and a minimum of six students would be a break-even status.

Full day schedule and curriculum is being worked on. The program will be finalized by August.