In June of 2018, the city of Osakis received a $10,000 grant from Pope/Douglas Solid Waste for the Organics Recycling pilot program. With less than $1,600 remaining, the council met on Monday to discuss how they will conduct spending in the second year of its contract.

Out of 600 Osakis households, 115 of them signed up for the service. Each subscription costs $69.95 per year and it covers the mailing cost of the heavy duty compostable bags that are designed to hold up in a garbage truck when the bed is lifted at the dump. The bags are then taken out of the truck and thrown into a chute that is an organics recycling only dumpster.

Even though 20 percent of Osakis households have signed up for this service, Pope/Douglas isn't seeing the right return of the bags in the West Central Sanitation route.

The City Council discussed the importance of informing people to use the bags the correct way. A representative from Pope/Douglas demonstrated how the bags can be used in a cost-efficient manner.

Once a resident pays for the subscription, the bags are paid for by the city, Each house is granted up to 30 bags in the year. A cost-effective solution that was discussed was the idea of not throwing the bags in the garbage trucks. Instead, a fenced-in area will be designated as a drop site.

Clean-Up Day profit

Following the organics discussion, Jeff Bertram from West Central Sanitation presented the final results from the Osakis Clean-Up Day. The city made $3,428 after expenses, The West Central Sanitation contract states that the city will pay any costs of dumping over $1,000. The money made after the expenses went into the July 4, 2019 fireworks fund.

Old theatre lot discussed

Sam Wolbeck proposed the idea of purchasing the Empress Theatre lot from the city to build new apartment buildings. The old theatre was torn down and the city designated the land as a use for public purpose. If the city does not have a use for the lot then it will be reverted to tax forfeited property and resold at action by the county.

VFW special event

The Osakis VFW has applied for a special event permit for June 22, 2019. The occasion is a street dance located in the VFW parking lot. There will be live music from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. and alcohol served to people 21 and older with wristbands.

New population number

The state demographer's office recently informed the city about Osakis' new estimated population - 1,784 as of April, 2018.