Osakis High School's college course program resulted in some incredible savings for 2019 graduates continuing on to higher education, according to a report presented by Superintendent Randy Bergquist at the Monday, June 10 regular School Board meeting.

A total of 43 of the 57 graduates, 75 percent of the class, earned 2,048 college credits while studying at Osakis High School. Of that number, 1,216 credits were earned during their senior year, and 832 credits during their junior year.

Figuring the average cost per credit, the savings amounted to $648,396 in free college credits for OHS seniors.

Average cost per credit was based on $489.25 at University of MN Crookston; $199.70 at Minnesota State College System; and $207.22 at Alexandria Technical and Community College.

A breakdown of college credits earned shows nine students completed at least 15 college credits, which is equal to one semester of college.

Thirty-four students completed at least 30 college credits, which equals a full year of college.

Sixteen students completed a total of 116 credits online through On-line College in the High School (OCHS).

Fifty-seven students graduated from Osakis on Friday, May 24, and of those, 47 students or 83 percent will be attending colleges. Of that number, 23 students will attend four-year public colleges, and four will attend private four-year colleges.

Twenty students, or 43 percent of the graduating class, will attend two-year colleges.

Thirty-six students have enrolled in Minnesota colleges, for 77 percent; 11 have enrolled in out-of-state colleges.

One student has enlisted in the U. S. Army National Guard, and one in the U. S. Navy.

Seven students, 12 percent, of the senior class will pursue work opportunities, and one student will be taking a transitional program. Bergquist pointed out that not all school districts offer the college credit program to their students.