Saturday, July 6 was a beautiful day for a boat parade.

The skies were clear and sunny and the gentle ripples on Lake Osakis were inviting for the 12th annual Lake Osakis Pontoon/Boat Parade, also known as the Ferret Drive Floaters Parade.

"The shores were just packed with people, plus there were a ton more watching from boats on the lake," said Linda Hayes, a parade organizer.

The 2019 winner of the coveted traveling trophy was the Larson family with their "Wild West" theme. Their pontoon was transformed into a floating covered wagon with wooden horses and wagon wheels.

Two new awards were also presented at this year's parade. The "Most Patriotic" trophy went to the Bob Zimmel family for their tribute to their dad who was with the 101st Airborne Screaming Eagles.

The Hayes family and friends won the "Fan Favorite" trophy with their "Loon-A-Ticks" pontoon, which featured a giant loon head at the bow of the pontoon and occupants dressed as wood ticks.