September 4

Assist other agency, stalled vehicle facing the wrong direction on I-94, unable to locate.

Low hanging lines, utility lines only, left message with Arvig, Black's Resort.

Traffic hazard, removed a piece of metal from the roadway after receiving a call, Hwy 27.

Harassment complaint, caller had drug and theft information, referred to DC Task Force, W Nokomis.

Assist other agency, alcohol test for probation, tested sober, W Nokomis.

Business check, E Nokomis.

Medical, difficulty breathing and chest pain, history of heart stints and COPD, assisted with info, transported, E 2nd Ave.

Neighbors continue to park on person's lawn and let their dogs run loose, one dog growled at comp and followed her into the garage, caller yelled at dog and neighbor yelled at caller.

Medical, female fallen, leg and back, assisted with loading, transported, W Main.

Patrolled park, locked restrooms, E Lake.

Patrolled bike trail.

Business check, W Nokomis.

Issued recreational vehicle permit, W King.

September 5

Business check, W 8th Ave.

Questions about papers, civil matter, E Nokomis.

Assisted in recovering a vehicle regarding a domestic abuse no contact order, Central Ave.

Neighborhood dog running loose again, not a friendly dog, was also stray on Aug. 21 but officer was busy and didn't respond, warned family member of dog owner about continual problems, E Nestor.

Business check, W Nokomis.

Foot patrol at volleyball game, E 1st Ave.

Patrolled park, locked restrooms, E Lake.

September 6

Suspicious activity, ignore, W Main.

Dog has been barking and whining at all hours of the day and night, left hanger on door for owners warning them of nuisance, E 1st Ave.

Passenger seat belt not on/working properly, E 1st Ave/E Main.

Business check, W 8th Ave.

Opened community center for Grid Iron Club, W Nokomis.

Comp requesting assistance with property exchange, E Main.

Patrol at football game, E 1st Ave.

Public assist.

Parking complaint, white pickup with South Dakota plates parked in front of house for two weeks, tabs expired since may, E 1st.

Found phone, E 8th Ave/E Lake.

Traffic control after game, E 1st Ave.

Business check, W Nokomis.

September 7

Suspicious person, report of someone in a tent behind liquor store on trail, drove trail, no sign of anyone, spoke with a walker who saw nothing, E Nokomis, Alexandria.

Child custody matter, male was supposed to meet his ex to exchange son the prior night and she never showed up, spoke with comp on phone and he stated that she was there at 1830 and spoke with an officer, will attempt to verify what took place.

Funeral escort, W 3rd Ave.

Report of males urinating at dead-end road and there are kids around, could not find anyone except those playing softball, W Queen.

Cleared vehicles from around hydrant, Queen.

Gas drive-off, contacted registered owner and left messages to contact officer, W Nokomis.

Suspicious activity, parents of person concerned for her welfare, E Oak.

Workers were concerned about intoxicated male taking people's drinks when they stopped serving him, male left.

Business check, W Nokomis.

Foot patrol at street dance for Moonshine Madness, E Main.

Caller stated she could see a glow in the distance, possibly a structure fire, found fire, well attended and had electronic burn permit, 115th Ave.

September 8

Caller says there has been a death in his wife's family and needs his ex to get the kids, there is an order for protection so he can't call her, spoke with person about picking up kids, W Main.

Gave two persons a ride home from the street dance, W Pike.

Out with intoxicated male, gave him a ride home, E 5th Ave/E Main.

Vehicle unlock, W Queen.

Driving complaint for speed, warning for 40 in 30 by Main, W Nokomis.

Theft, caller stated 20-volt Dewalt chainsaw was stolen from the garage on one of his rental properties, E Lake.

Vehicle scraped another vehicle's side mirror, minor accident report, E 1st Ave.

Warning for speed, E 1st Ave/Hwy 27.

Warning for equipment violations, bumper height and white lights to front above 5 ft, E 1st Ave/E Oak.

Harassment, caller says her ex keeps calling her from different numbers and won't leave her alone, informed caller to pull all police reports pertaining to person and attempt to obtain a harassment restraining order, contacted number person called from and they stated it was a TN number, will do administrative warrant to get number owner, W Main.

September 9

Medical, elderly male fell three times, unknown injuries, assisted, transported, Central Ave.

Civil issue regarding home appliances in recently purchased home, resolved matter, W 1st Ave.

City council meeting, E Nokomis.

Business check, W Nokomis.

Patrolled park, locked restrooms, E Lake.

September 10

Assisted Todd County with traffic stop, E 4th Ave/E Nokomis.

Background check, E Nokomis.

Assist other agency, domestic in vehicle, passenger got out of vehicle after argument, dropped off person at home, Hwy 27.

Unlocked community center for Cub Scouts, W Nokomis.

Citation for speed, 71 in 40, 51/115.

Business check, W Nokomis.

Patrolled park, locked restrooms, E Lake.

This is not a comprehensive report of all local law enforcement activity, rather, a brief recap of daily calls for service.