October 9

Assist other agency, possible burglary, 170th Street.

Found person, two gals located child, brought him to fire hall when child didn't have a home address, mother contacted, said she sent him outside to play and was not aware he walked off until she was notified.

Suspicious activity, butcher knife found in road, 1st Ave. E.

Attempted fraud, caller received letter from Spain informing them of a $6.4 million windfall, but letter stated they had to pay $5,000 for fees and taxes, no personal information or money was sent, Oak St. W.

Citation for speed, warning for stop sign, Hwy. 27.

October 10

Warning for speed, expired proof of insurance, 6th Ave. N.

Business check, Nokomis St. W.

Patrol activity, lunch with students.

Motorist assist, provided lights while changing tire, Co. Ro. 3 SE.

Warning for driving conduct, 8th Ave. W.

Warning for excessive acceleration, 1st Ave. E.

October 11

Assist other agency, medical call at Latoka Rest Area.

Check welfare of person, elderly person walking in middle of the road, Pike St. W.

Vehicle unlock, Queen St. W.

Patrol activity, business check, W. Nokomis.

Vehicle unlock, Cable Cir.

Warning for no headlights in adverse weather, Hwy. 27 SE.

October 12

Patrol activity, business check, E. Nokomis St.

Assist other agency, seizure activity, Calvary Rd. SE.

Vehicle unlock, E. Main St.

Hit and run, 8th Ave. E.

October 13

Drunk, male and female, Main St. W.

Patrol activity, business check, Central Ave.

Warning for no Minnesota Driver's License, Central Ave.

Caller reported two large dogs running loose, Main St. W.

October 14

Public assist, assisted power company with a disconnect, Main St. W.

Education, informational presentation on vaping, 1st Ave. E.

October 15

Fire alarm, Nokomis St. W.

Handgun permit, E. Nokomis.

Public assist, alarm going off in building for a few hours, Nokomis St. W.

Door checks, Central Ave., Main St.

Drug related activity, people smoking drugs with tin foil in vehicle, Main St. W.

This is not a comprehensive report of all local law enforcement activity, rather, a brief recap of daily calls for service.