November 6

Check welfare, caller is in nursing home and has not been able to contact his wife for three days, spoke with person, everything OK, W Nokomis.

Driving complaint, driver was having trouble seeing the lines, driver cleaned her glasses, CR 51.

Directed traffic for a tree blocking the road, E Nokomis.

Complaint of loud vehicles, vehicles gone, patrolled the area and didn't hear anything, E 8th Ave/E Nestor.

November 7

Four warnings for on-street parking after midnight.

Medical, 59-year-old fell, hit his head and has cut by eyebrow, caller requested no first responders, assisted, no transport, W Oak.

Public assist, with insurance investigator, E Nokomis.

Three warnings for unpaid parking citations, gave owners two weeks to pay or state citation will be sent.

Vehicle with expired registration parked on side of residence, left notice for owner that vehicle will be towed if not moved off roadway, E 2nd Ave.

Warning for speed and equipment, Hwy 27.

Citation for speed, E 1st Ave/Hwy 27.

Medical, 79-year-old male with hernia and extreme pain, transported, W 1st Ave.

Door checks, Central Ave/Main.

Warning for speed, CR 82.

November 8

Business check, W Nokomis.

Patrol activity, follow-up, E Nokomis.

Warning for speed, E 4th Ave/E Nokomis.

Business check, W Nokomis.

Business check, E Nokomis.

Person would like to talk to chief about previous call, W Oak.

Assist other agency, out with State Patrol, E 1st Ave/Hwy 27.

Domestic, caller stating a friend is out of control and having mental health issues, prior day she was suicidal and had a knife taken away, person transported to Alomere Health for mental health evaluation.

Returned phone call about compost, E Main.

Female brought in by OPD needs a ride home, transported person back to residence, E 17th Ave, Alexandria.

Warning for no headlight on, E 4th Ave/E Nokomis.

Medical, 85-year-old male with pain in abdomen, rib fractures from fall earlier in the week, abdomen in distended and painful, transported, W Main.

Male threatening suicide.

November 9

Warning for no tail lights, N 6th Ave/W Nokomis.

Escorted football team out of town to state tournament, E 1st Ave.

Suspicious activity, caller found a hammer outside and noticed a dent in his door, W Main.

Assisting with a hunter who was shot in Todd County, person had gunshot wound in leg, assisted with medical treatment until EMS arrived, CR 37.

Medical, 71-year-old female with difficulty breathing, transported, N 6th Ave.

Two-vehicle property damage crash, W Nokomis.

November 10

Male locked in bathroom, W Nokomis.

Medical, respiratory distress, transported, W Main.

Warning for excessive acceleration, W 3rd Ave/W Nokomis.

Business check, W Nokomis.

Medical, type 1 diabetic not responding but breathing, assisted with assessment and loading, transported, W Pike.

Staff request for assistance with intoxicated female resident, citation issued to person for 5th degree assault and disorderly conduct, PBT .236, N 6th Ave.

Business check at closing, W Nokomis.

November 11

Warning for on-street parking after midnight, E Pike.

Watched over veterans memorial program, E 1st Ave.

Business check, W Nokomis.

Todd County requesting assistance on traffic stop, person not happy with being stopped, 27/11.

False alarm, store area motion, E Nokomis.

November 12

Business check, W Nokomis.

Lunch with students, E 1st Ave.

False alarm, eight-plex apartments, utility room smoke, assisted OFD with call, W Main.

Assist, in reference to Waite Park, referred back, E Nokomis.

Parking complaint, spoke with person who stated vehicle was her boyfriend's/roommate's, unable to get it started, reminded that if it is not off the street it will be towed, E 2nd Ave.

Attempted fraud, person stated her ex husband illegally used her credit card in S. Dakota and he lives in Osakis, referred to APD, E Nokomis.

Animal complaint, person stated a dog is barking from late morning to when someone comes home, person 2 denied it, stating that no other neighbors complain, spoke with another neighbor who said he heard it, warning issued, E Lake.

Property damage accident, minor crash, vehicle was stopped at intersection when another vehicle took a wide turn and struck the first vehicle, state report required, Hwy 27/CR 82.

This is not a comprehensive report of all local law enforcement activity, rather, a brief recap of daily calls for service.