December 26

Business check, Nokomis St. W.

Public assist, Nokomis St. W.

Public assist, Main St. W.

Assist other agency, 7th Ave. W, Alexandria.

Traffic stop, obstructed plate, 4th Ave. W.

Traffic stop, headlight out, 1st Ave. W.

Public assist, Oak St. W.

December 27

Theft, gas drive off, Nokomis St. W.

Tobacco-compliance, clerk refused sale at six locations – Main St. W, Nokomis St. E (two spots), Nokomis St. W (two spots), 8th Ave. E.

Warn for speed, no proof of insurance, no Minnesota driver's license, strong smell of marijuana inside vehicle, nothing found after search, Highway 27.

Warn for no lights on fish house, 1st Ave E.

Warn for headlight out, 4th Ave. E.

Cite speed and driving after revocation, County Road 3.

Warn for tail light out, 4th Ave. W.

Warn for headlight out, 8th Ave. W.

Warn for speed, no proof of insurance, Nokomis St. E.

December 28

Animal complaint, dogs barking, 8th Ave. E.

Warn for hands-free violation, 2nd Ave. E.

Vehicle in ditch, 1st Ave. E.

December 29

Information, possible drunk driver, if located, contact Stearns County, 7th Ave. W, Alexandria.

December 30

Medical, shortness of breath and back pain, 3rd Ave. E.

Assist other agency, Interstate 94, mile marker 112.

Assist other agency, County Road 51.

December 31

Medical, female fell on ice, 6th Ave. N.

Attempted fraud/scam on closed account, Main St. W.

Business check, W. Nokomis St.

Suspicious activity, car alarm going off, Central Ave. S. Brandon

This is not a comprehensive report of all local law enforcement activity, rather, a brief recap of daily calls for service.