February 5

Caller let her nephew borrow her car but he is now refusing to return it, attempted contact with nephew and left message, W Main.

DARE classes, E 1st Ave.

School resource officer lunch with students, E 1st Ave.

School closing traffic, E 1st Ave.

Business check, E Nokomis.

February 6

Patrol activity, E 1st Ave.

Domestic, tenants grabbed caller by the neck, no charges, E Main.

Suspicious vehicle, taking a nap, W 8th Ave.

Assist other agency with rollover and loading patient, I-94/Todd Cty line.

Vehicle unlock, keys in car with grandson, N 6th Ave.

Unlocked community center for EMR training, W Nokomis.

Patrol at wrestling meet, E 1st Ave.

Suspicious person followed person with his vehicle, older tan Chev Tahoe, E Nokomis.

Stopped vehicle for snow-covered tail lights and license place, arrested driver for domestic assault for Douglas County Sheriff's Office, no incident during arrest/transport, CR 10/Ketelle Dr.

February 7

School resource officer time, E 1st Ave.

Child custody matter, child's mother is being difficult with exchange time, both parties have amended the temporary order from 2016, daughter is going with father until next day, W Main.

Juvenile trouble, 14-year-old daughter is out of control, child and parent have scheduled respite weekend and 14 year old did not want to go, spoke with girl and made it clear that showing her displeasure this way would give her even more trouble, girl apologized to parent and was cleaning up the mess.

Medical, blood sugar all over the place and running high, transported, fire hall.

Assist other agency, W Nokomis.

Business check, W Nokomis.

Extra patrol requested, E Main.

February 8

Warning for driving conduct, 27/4.

Caller reporting her 5-year-old son with autism is out of control, spoke with child, informed mother to contact on-call worker at The Village, person called back and said her son won't stay in timeout and would like help, contacted The Village and they will contact the caller to see if they can help, W Main.

Safe server training, E Nokomis.

Suspicious vehicle, complaint of vehicle parked at the store since before 6 a.m., owner advised he could tow it, vehicle was moved by person at midnight, E Nokomis.

Medical, female woke up and feels out of it, transported, E Lake.

February 9

Warning for equipment, E 1st Ave/Hwy 27.

Warning for speed, E 1st Ave.

Wallet found in parking lot, left message for person, W Nokomis.

February 10

Medical, female with chest pain, assisted, transported, E Pike.

Public assist, no contact at residence, E Main.

Check welfare for social services, W Main.

Patrol at girl's basketball game, E 1st Ave.

City council meeting, E Nokomis.

Patrol at girl's basketball game, E 1st Ave.

Assist other agency, cover officer for deputy traffic stop, Calvary Rd/CR 82.

February 11

Assist other agency, vehicle on side of road with lights on, unable to locate, CR 3/CR 79.

Medical, severe anxiety attack, person became uncooperative inside ambulance and accepted a ride to ER from police department, W Main.

School resource officer time, E 1st Ave.

Check welfare, person was located on the floor by bed, OK just couldn't get up, E Pike.

Medical, 76-year-old female with seizure activity, transported, E 3rd Ave.

Funeral escort, E 1st Ave.

Warning for speed, 27/170th.

Patrol at girl's basketball game, E 1st Ave.

Gave student a ride home from school, E 1st Ave.

Patrol at girl's basketball game, E 1st Ave.

Caller asking someone to check on person as he's been sick, made contact, assisted him in getting up to his walker and taking medications per request of caller, E Pike.

False alarm, commercial burglary alarm, motion detector, employee reset alarm, E Nokomis.

Check welfare, female says she's freaking out, missed dose of medication and her fiance isn't speaking to her, advised caller to give her fiance some space for the night and start over next morning.

This is not a comprehensive report of all local law enforcement activity, rather, a brief recap of daily calls for service.