March 4

DARE classes, E 1st Ave.

School resource officer lunch with senior high, visited in senior lounge, E 1st Ave.

Medical, male with difficulty standing, transported, W 6th Ave.

Warning for expired tabs, W 4th Ave/W Nokomis.

Business check, E Nokomis.

$25 drive-off, contacted owner and he will pay in person in 15 minutes, W Nokomis.

March 5

Warning for hands free violation and expired registration, E 2nd Ave/E Nokomis.

School resource officer time, E 1st Ave.

After school traffic, E 1st Ave.

Issued recreational vehicle permit, E Oak.

Patrol at boy's basketball game, E 1st Ave.

Assist other agency, silver Jeep with TN plates, pulled a gun on someone at gas station in Fergus Falls, east bound on I-94, watched along interstate, unable to locate.

Caller stated she had fraudulent checks from a vehicle sale, acquaintance had caller deposit two checks into her account and then pay him in cash, checks were fraudulent, W Main.

Warning for spray painted brow on windshield, W Nokomis.

March 6

Caller from post office states people living at address aren't picking up mail, would like someone to check on the residence, spoke with person who stated he forgot about the mail and will pick it up, W Main.

Suspicious activity, caller was out of town for a month and was told there were several cops at his place, informed that it was a property close to his but nothing to worry about, E Lake.

Suspicious activity, video review of incident, person thought to be looking into cars was just urinating, E 8th Ave.

Complaint of black dog running loose on Oak Street, dog belongs to person on E 8th Ave, underground fence collar needs new battery, warned to put on a chain, W Oak.

Door checks, foot patrol, Central/Main.

Applications for permits to purchase handgun, E Nokomis.

March 7

Criminal damage to property, caller stated that she noticed the screens on her west-facing apartment windows were slashed again, no suspects at this time, W Main.

Citation for speed, E 1st Ave/Hwy 27.

Warning for speed, Todd Cty 51/168th St.

March 8

Medical, 29-year-old female intoxicated and on the ground puking, female with family refused medical, E Main.

Caller reported that dog has been barking for 20 minutes in streaks all day, spoke with property owner and she will talk to the dog's owner, E Main.

Criminal damage to property, more screens damaged on apartments, north window screen slashed, one tenant stated there were issues like this with a prior tenant in the building, W Main.

Criminal damage to property, damage to screen on northwest apartment, screen slashed, not able to make contact with tenant, W Main.

Suspicious vehicle, parked on sidewalk at caller's property, spoke with owner of vehicle and he will get it moved, person was also informed that another person has a warrant and to get contact info so it can be taken care of, W Main.

Person states she was asked by another person to get belongings from his girlfriend, stated her vehicle is full of stuff and she is not willing to go through it at this time, stated she would see person at court the next day and would set a time for the exchange, E Nokomis.

Vehicle unlock, W Main.

March 9

Medical, 82-year-old female with bloody nose, can't get bleeding to stop, transported, W Main.

Caller is worried that someone is going to tamper with her car, requesting extra patrols around her apartment and parking lot, W Main.

Medical, person feeling weak, stumbling and unable to get out of chair, needs transport to hospital for blood transfusion due to cancer, transported, W Main.

Assist other agency, welfare check with social services, all fine, W Main.

City council meeting, City Hall.

March 10

Suspicious person, report of a person going through a trailer in the front yard, unable to locate person, notified property owner, W 1st Ave.

Drug related activity.

Found dog, black lab heading west, caller has not seen it before, been running in the area all morning, unable to catch, W Oak.

Assist other agency, caller is upset because guns she owns were stolen over a month ago from her son's home when he lived in Osakis, wants to retrieve guns, passed to Douglas County deputies.

Information, Guardian Recovery will be attempting a bonds pick up, W Main.

Intoxicated female wearing bath robe bothering people, warned person to stay in her apartment after explaining that she was harassing all her neighbors by knocking on their doors, responded a second time and gave a stern warning to stay in apartment, W Main.

This is not a comprehensive report of all local law enforcement activity, rather, a brief recap of daily calls for service.