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Four Osakis residents face felony drug charges

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Four Osakis residents were charged with felony crimes involving methamphetamine or other drugs after the Osakis Police Department issued search warrants in the last two weeks.

The suspects are Matthew Douglas Hjelm, 44, Stephanie Kae Karnes, 40, Tylor Lance Ebel, 31, and Ingrid Marie Stanley, 42.

The cases against Ebel and Stanley are related because they were living at the same residence where drugs were reportedly found. The other two cases are separate.

According to the criminal complaint against Hjelm:

Hjelm contacted police on Sept. 20 and said there was a man in his attic at his home at 408 Pike Street West. Officers responded but found no one in the attic.

Later that same day, he again contacted the police and said there were men in his basement cooking meth and that the chemicals were damaging his skin. Hjelm appeared "very hyperactive and paranoid," according to the complaint. Officers saw raw and scabbed skin under Hjelm's nose and a large wound on the back of his neck that appeared to be infected.

At Hjelm's request, officers again responded to his home. They didn't find a meth lab but did find other drugs in the basement.

Officers obtained a search warrant and found two hydrocodone pills used for opioid pain medication, along with glass pipes that tested positive for heroin, additional glass pipes, straws with white residue on them, a metal marijuana grinder, razor blades and other paraphernalia.

Officers searched Hjelm and found a plastic bag with a glass pipe, burnt residue and a white powdery substance that tested positive for meth.

Hjelm was charged in Douglas County District Court with six offenses — felony fifth-degree possession of hydrocodone, two gross misdemeanor drug possession charges (heroin and meth), misdemeanor possession of hypodermic syringes and two petty misdemeanor charges.

According to the criminal complaint against Karnes:

Police officers talked with Karnes' children at school after a concerned citizen provided a photograph to police that showed a methamphetamine pipe in Karnes' home. One of the children identified the pipe as her mother's and said Karnes kept it on the nightstand next to her bed.

While an officer was driving Karnes to her home at 106 Pike Street to execute a search warrant, Karnes said she had a bag under her bed that contained marijuana paraphernalia, along with a meth pipe and a meth bong on her closet shelf.

In the home, an officer found those items, along with a plastic baggie under a bed that tested positive for meth and a glass pipe with burned residue on it. The West Central Minnesota Drug and Violent Crime Task Force assisted in the search.

Karnes was charged with felony storage of methamphetamine paraphernalia in a child's residence, gross misdemeanor possession of methamphetamine and petty misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia.

Unlike the other cases, Karnes was not taken into custody but a summons was issued for her to appear in court.

According to the complaints against Ebel and Stanley:

Police officers executed a search warrant at 702A Oak St. W. where Ebel had been living with Stanley for the past few weeks.

When officers entered the home, Ebel ran toward a bedroom where meth was kept instead of trying to get out of the house, the complaint said. Stanley was sitting on a large mirror on the living room couch and the mirror had white residue on it.

In one bedroom, officers found three bags containing 8.34 grams of methamphetamine; two digital scales; two glass pipes; five glass meth pipes; a purse containing Stanley's driver's license, $129 in currency, a bag of marijuana, a glass vial containing meth and two plastic bags containing 2.6 grams of meth; and multiple unused plastic baggies.

In the upper-level living room, officers found a metal marijuana grinder, a small vial containing meth, a wooden box containing small baggies and a straw containing meth, a mirror with meth on it, a glass bong containing meth, a section of glass tubing containing meth, and a rolled-up $20 bill next to the glass tubing.

Ebel and Stanley were each charged with two felonies — possessing more than 10 grams of meth and fifth-degree possession of meth.

Al Edenloff

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