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Osakis Police Blotter July 4-10


July 4

Checking doors, Central/Main.

Warning for speed, E 1st Ave/Hwy 27.

Caller reported seeing a male who seemed to be struggling walking by old Napa building, assisted elderly male, got caught in rain, W Main.

Medical, female fell and hit her head, bleeding, transported, E Lake.

Animal complaint, white pit bull attacking another dog, spoke with comp, no injury to dog, will speak with other person, W Pike.

Assist other agency, report of school buses tailgating and driving recklessly, spoke to one driver, stated he has no info other than to drive the bus, warning issued, I-94.

Warning for passing on right, E 1st Ave/Hwy 27.

Medical, elderly female fell and hurt hip, transported, N 6th Ave.

Warning for tint, warned to remove to legal level, W 3rd Ave/W Nokomis.

Direct traffic for fireworks, Osakis Golf.

Traffic stop, warning for littering, driver stated he stopped to pick up someone and items fell out, E Nokomis/Hwy 27.

Assisted with info on low tire light.

Citation for stop sign violation, issued by mail, conducted a field sobriety test and was .064 blood-alcohol concentration, W Main.

Noise complaint, truck on road running in city limits, note left for driver to contact OPD, could not get anyone to answer door, E 1st Ave.

July 5

Checked beach, locked restrooms.

Unattended fire, person was warned to put fire out, will check again, E Lake.

Checked park and locked restrooms.

Door checks, Central/Main.

Warrant — other jurisdiction, sent message she will be conducting warrant attempt, negative contact, E Lake.

Traffic control for concrete truck partly tipped over, cleared, Lake/170.

Out with manhole cover, city maintenance contacted and re-seated it, Central Ave.

Warning for speed, 82/27.

Assist other agency, warehouse motion alarm, no vehicles, doors secure, no sign of entry, CR 82.

Checked park, locked restrooms.

Citation for stop sign and warning for speed, 40 in 30, Hwy 27.

Citation for stop sign and warning for speed, E 1st Ave/Hwy 27.

Warning for stop sign violation, CR 3/Hwy 27.

Door checks.

July 6

Warning for speed, Hwy 27.

Citation for stop sign and warning for speed, E 1st Ave/Hwy 27.

Warning for light bar higher than 5 ft, E Nokomis/Hwy 27.

Citation for driving after revocation, issued by mail, other person allowed to take control of vehicle, N 6th Ave/W Nokomis.

Citation for speed, CR 3/Fairfield Creek Rd, Nelson.

Medical, family feels patient is declining and should be seen, requesting no first responders, transported, W Main.

Citation for speed, Central Ave/W Nokomis.

Business check, W Nokomis.

Locked restrooms, E Lake.

Suspicious vehicle, motorist pulled into lot to walk his dogs, Hwy 27.

Business check, Hwy 27.

July 7

Warning for parking in no parking zone after 2 a.m., W Main.

Business check, W Nokomis.

Animal complaint, kids swinging puppy by the leash, warned kids and parent about animal abuse, mother has spoken to kids about it in past, W Nokomis.

Dirt bike riding wheelies on street, stern warning for driving behavior, Warning for no proof of insurance, E 1st Ave.

Assisted SP with traffic stop, W 4th Ave/W Nokomis.

Business check, W Nokomis.

Medical, male fell down and needs help back up, cut his arm, assisted into house from garage, W Pike.

Locked restrooms, E Lake.

Patrolled area, public beach.

Warning for unhitched trailer on street overnight, E Lake.

July 8

Warning for blue license plate lights, W 1st Ave/W Nokomis.

Business check, W Nokomis.

Warning for tail light out, 27/Todd Cty 4.

Warning for tail light out, E 7th Ave/E Lake.

Citation for parking on Main Street after 2 a.m.

Medical, female fell earlier, dr wants her seen, non-emergency, no first responders, transported, N 6th Ave.

Medical, 82 year old female broke arm last week, pain, transported, W Main.

Medical, female had back surgery last week, extreme back pain, transported, W Oak.

Medical, young child with gas sprayed on him from pumps, no transport, W Nokomis.

Theft, stolen credit card used at Dollar General, E Nokomis.

Warning for speed, E 1st Ave/Hwy 27.

Business check, W Nokomis.

Locked restrooms, E Lake.

Warning for tail light section out, W 3rd Ave/W Nokomis.

Business check, W Nokomis.

Animal complaint, cat in hall screaming, they have it in apartment, advised comp to keep cat until morning and check with neighbors for owner, W Main.

July 9

Assist other agency, male passed out in barn, Hwy 27.

POR change of info, E Nokomis.

Male threatening suicide, nurse on phone with him, no weapons, W Main.

Stalled vehicle, help coming, W 3rd Ave/W Nokomis.

Citation for speed, 27/4.

Lost motorist, gave directions, E 1st Ave.

A total of 22 second warnings issued for unlicensed dogs.

Warning for unlicensed dog, person called, waiting for paperwork, W Pike.

Helping female find cell phone, teens lost phone, assisted with flashlight until it was recovered, E Lake.

Locked restrooms, E Lake.

Second call of suspicious person in VFW parking lot, offered person ride home, dropped off at residence, E Nokomis.

July 10

Assist with medical in Todd Cty, lift assist, E Lake.

Medical, male with low temp, transported, W Main.

Warning for no seat belt, W Nokomis.

Hit and run, someone hit comp's Cadillac while it was parked on Oak and Central Ave. Minor damage to door.

Two dead geese floating in Faille Lake, spoke with country club employee, they have permit for noise cannon but no geese have been harmed, Hwy 27.

Driving complaint, white car coming into town speeding and passing cars, stopped and warned for driving conduct and wrong license plate, W 8th Ave/W Nokomis.

Business check, W Nokomis.

*This is not a comprehensive report of all local law enforcement activity; rather, a brief recap of daily calls for service.