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Osakis Police Blotter July 11-17


July 11

Locked restrooms, Lake.

Assist other agency, vehicle in ditch, hit barrier, I-94.

Comp wants to talk about vulnerable adult she's in charge of and who she is hanging around with, concerns that she is being swindled.

Theft of ring from vehicle, Central Ave.

Warning for tail light out, no driver's license in possession, seatbelt and no front license plate, N 6th Ave.

Business check, E Nokomis.

Warning for windshield banner, E 8th Ave.

Warning for windshield banner and unsafe tires, N 6th Ave/W Nokomis.

Warning for brake light out and crossing center and fog lines, E 1st Ave.

Resident reporting speeding traffic throughout the day, advised that radar is run frequently in the area, E 1st Ave.

Comp states her kid's dad won't leave, spoke with both parties, they agreed to get along, W 7th Ave.

Locked restrooms, E Lake.

Warning for wrong way in one way, W 1st Ave/W Nokomis.

Warning for tail light out, CR 51/E 8th Ave.

Check welfare, female has fallen twice, acting strange, shaking, gave person a ride home, was not drinking but having medical issues, female returned to bar again after being dropped off, was able to get correct name, arrested for felony drug warrant, cited for giving false name, E Nokomis.

July 12

Warning for headlight out, 27/E 8th Ave.

Suspicious person stopped at OPD, E Nokomis.

Medical, elderly male bleeding from feeding tube hole, transported, W Main.

Assist other agency, all over the road, unable to locate.

Complaint of dog whining near public access, comp was concerned dog might be in parked vehicle, no dog located.

Warning for speed, N 6th Ave/W Nokomis.

Business patrol.

Business check.

Warning for speed, W 3rd Ave/W Nokomis.

Warning for speed, W 3rd Ave/W Nokomis.

Warning for no front plate, E 8th Ave/E Nokomis.

Citation for no seatbelt, warning for no proof of insurance, W 1st Ave/W Nokomis.

Lock bathroom doors.

Bar check, E Nokomis.

Gave patron ride home, E Nokomis.

Business check, E 3rd Ave.

July 13

Business check, E Pike.

Warning for fog light out, N 6th Ave/W Nokomis.

Business check.

Suspicious vehicle, occupied car outside Gasmart, just picking up someone, W Nokomis.

Warning for no tail lights, unfamiliar with vehicle, W 8th Ave/W Nokomis.

Warning for tint at 40 percent, E Nokomis/Hwy 27.

Medical, female with decreased level of consciousness, chest pain and heartburn, transported, W Main.

Warning for speed, Central Ave/E Nokomis.

Riding mower hanging off of trailer, assisted with reloading, warning for expired proof of insurance, Bird Lake Rd/CR 3.

Citation for speed, W 1st Ave/W Nokomis.

Warning for windshield banner and no front license plate, N 6th Ave/W Nokomis.

Business check, Central Ave.

Business check, E Nokomis.

Nuisance violation, warning for weeds at apartment complex, person waiting for ground to dry to mow, W Main.

Debris in road, cooler with bottled beverages spilled, cleaned up, W Nokomis.

Business check.

Nuisance violation, left door hanger warning to clear weeds from property, W 7th Ave.

Stalled unoccupied vehicle on hwy 27/I-94.

Warning for no driver's license, no proof of insurance and tail light covers, Central Ave/E Oak.

Citation for no seatbelt, W Nokomis.

Business check.

Nuisance violation, neighbor complaining of overgrown grass, homeowner said they will mow next day, E 1st Ave.

Warning for speed, N 6th Ave/W Nokomis.

Person reported that people were not stopping for pedestrians/bikers in crosswalks on CR 82 by Tip Top and OPD; there are no crosswalks at those locations and pedestrians need to yield to vehicles.

Warning for no back license plate, E Nokomis/Hwy 27.

Lock bathroom doors.

Warning for no seatbelt, E 2nd Ave/E Nokomis.

Warning for headlight out and no proof of insurance, E 6th Ave/E Main.

Business check, W Nokomis.

Firecracker complaint, W 6th Ave/W Queen.

Warning for headlight out, W Nokomis.

Warning for speed, CR 31/CR 82.

Business check, E Pike.

Warning for headlight out, Todd Co 51.

Warning for failure to stop at stop sign, Hwy 27/170th.

July 14

Bar check, E 8th Ave.

Warning for headlight and taillight out, E 1st Ave/Hwy 27.

Business checks.

Warning for high beam lights, weaving, I-94/Hwy 27.

Medical, severe right side pain, transported, N 6th Ave.

Warning for headlight out, W 1st Ave/W Nokomis.

Warning for crossing center line, CR 82, Alexandria.

Found dog, lab mix with tag, returned to owner, W Pike.

Male there to pick up motorcycle, trailered it home, E Nokomis.

Medical, elderly female fell and thinks she broke her rib, trouble breathing, transported, W Main.

Intoxicated female stated she would walk to Kensington, E Lake.

Funeral escort, E 1st Ave.

Citation for tint, E 8th Ave/Todd Co 51.

Warning for no tail lights, forgot to turn on them on, E 1st Ave/E Rush.

Locked restrooms, E Lake.

Harassment, comp stated he was upset with driving conduct of a person, person was upset because he was asked to leave property, comp was advised to look into getting HRO against person if he continued to show up unwelcomed, E Pike.

July 15

Gas leak, caller says he can smell gas in laundry area, has notified management several times, smelled strong gas odor, fire dept investigating, fire chief there with CenterPoint, E 2nd Ave.

Citation for speed, E 1st Ave/Hwy 27.

Check welfare, caller's dad is not answering phone, diabetic and can't feel his feet, spoke to person and informed him his daughter can't get ahold of him, he will contact comp, W Main.

Citation for speed, N 6th Ave/W Main.

Gas drive off, clerk does not think it was intentional, contacted person and left message to contact OPD, W Nokomis.

Funeral escort, W Nokomis.

Ride along waiver claim, E Nokomis.

Warning for overwidth tires, W 8th Ave/W Nokomis.

Warning for stop sign violation and no license on person, Central Ave/E Nokomis.

Warning for tint, E 1st Ave/Hwy 27.

Warning for tint, E 1st Ave/Hwy 27.

Comp reporting a cat that appears to have been struck by vehicle and is barely alive, Central Ave/E Nokomis.

Locked park restrooms.

Patrol activity.

Warning for headlight, E 2nd Ave/E Nokomis.

Patrol activity.

Warning for no front license plate, W 8th Ave/W Nokomis.

July 16

Checked residence with owner to see if tenant had moved out, no sign of occupancy, W Pike.

Assist other agency, medical, male on I-94 having chest pain, assisted with traffic and on scene.

Re-filled first aid kit at city beach.

Barking dog complaint, heard dogs barking at residence, 3 small dogs in kennel, dogs continued to bark, warning tag left asking them to call OPD, W Pike.

Warning for driving conduct, 27/Dabbler Rd.

Warning for stop sign violation, Central Ave/E Nokomis.

Warning for speed, E 1st Ave/Lions Park.

Citation for speed, Hwy 27.

Complaint of rabid racoon, unable to locate, Lavens Lakeview Dr.

Parking complaint, trailer parked on road across from comp's house, owner contacted and message left to move it or be cited, E Lake.

Locked restrooms, checked area.

Warning for speed, Pennrose Rd/Hwy 27.

Warning for driving conduct, E 1st Ave/Hwy 27.

Door checks, Central/Main.

Suspicious activity, comp could hear car alarm and saw 3 males run through yard, unable to locate anyone and did not hear alarm, E 1st Ave/E Oak.

July 17

Medical, comp says he is drunk and needs ambulance because he thinks he has had an allergic reaction to alcohol, transported, W Main

Letter of good conduct issued.

2 notices given to businesses to remove thistles from property, E Nokomis.

Complaint of scam call, told comp to not give out bank account numbers, Midway Resort and E Lake.

Gas drive off, unknown direction, plate not on file, W Nokomis.

*This is not a comprehensive report of all local law enforcement activity; rather, a brief recap of daily calls for service.